anyone see a 227 Black Metallic w/ PHW @ saks?

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  1. looking for a 227 reissue in black metallic w/ pewter hardware. want to purchase it from saks with a $1000 gc i got from mercedes=) i called a few saks locations w/ no luck . wondering if any fellow tpfers have seen it at their saks store. TIA! :smile:
  2. Why don't you try to have one of your Saks Sa's put it on locator for you. If you can provide the style, color code number it would be even better. I have been lucky finding almost impossible to find bags with my SA searching the locator system, it it worth a try.:heart:H

  3. thanks h! will do that tomorrow =)
  4. Hi! I think I may have found one for you at Saks. If you're still looking for the bag, please PM me and I'll give you my SAs info.
  5. i was able to locate one already....thanks for all the help! had to make sure i could have it delivered by friday for a friend's b-day =)