Anyone Second-Guessing Their Magenta LE Hardware?

  1. Okay, I know this is a TIRED topic. When everyone was ordering and second-guessing their hardware choices, I was so cofident in my GG hardware choice...not really even a decision for me. Now that the date is approaching (!!!!!):wacko: I want to SHOOT myself. Every day, I think either RH or GS would look better. What's the matter with me??!! Anyone else at all going through this? HONESTLY....please don't say "yes" just to make me feel better. If I'm certifiable, I really do need to know...:wacko:
  2. I'm not second guessing my hardware choice (RH); I'm second guessing even buying it and not waiting for the S/S '08 magenta in a Part Time style. So I think you're doing better than I am. ;) BTW, I think the magenta w/gold will look great...I think I would prefer it with the gold because the warmth of the gold will look better with that color in my opinion. Plus just read the thread about silver hardware looking like giant thimbles and maybe you'll feel better. ;)
  3. GH isn't for me, so I have not questioned my Magenta LE RH order :heart:

    They will all be gorgeous though :yes:

    As for the 2008 colors; I am not going to panic until I see swatches. And even if it is identical, having it NOW will make up for a lot. Especially since the 2008 bags won't be out until after Jan. That's just way too long to wait!!!
  4. Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, it's a slightly different take on the "thimble issue" that has me wondering. DYING for a day because of the exceptional comfort and convenience, I ordered and finally received a Tomato Day with GGH. Ya, well, NEVER has a bag beaten SUCH a hasty retreat back to the store. Frankly, it sort of looked like it needed a boob job. These shiny gold teats hanging off the bottom were sort of frightening. As much as I LOVE everyone's photos...that's why I ordered the GHH in the first place, I sort of felt as though there should have been a calf following me around......if you know what I mean. Hopefully the GHH isn't hanging in quite the same fashion on the Cities. Or maybe it's just me. Or just me and the Day. But now I've got RH envy.....:crybaby:
  5. I'll be honest - mine is RH and I am so excited! I'm not even worried about the Magenta for spring, because I LOVE the old '05 Magenta!
  6. I love all possible shades of Magenta, so that part I'm still thrilled about!!!
  7. Oh....I see ... you were second guessing getting GH vs RH? Sorry, can't help ya much there. I'm guessing that perhaps the way the GH "hangs" on the City won't be quite as reminiscent as a cow's udder to you ... we'll see. ;)
  8. Ladies let me tell you, the magenta is SO hot! They have it with sgh on display at Balenciaga and its amayzing! Even if its not for you just put it on eBay, it seriously looks beautiful.
  9. GAHHHHHH....where's that phone camera miumiume??!! could sell those babies for a mint!!
  10. Hahaha I know right!? I wanted to take sooo many pics there because everything is amayzing, and the sales people totally disapear in the back so I could have! Maybe when I go back I can steal a pic of the magenta for you all!
  11. I am pretty content with my choice of RH. I only have GH on my sandstone hobo; one bag with GH is enough for me.
  12. If you don't like it you can send it back to the store for credit and wait for the o8 Magenta Day to come out :smile:
  13. I'm not suggesting that I'm not crazy, BUT I think '05 Magenta is a stunning, unique color and that it will not be duplicated, no matter what they call the new color. This is a chance to NOT pay exorbitant eBay prices and get a perfect, clean, virgin, new "old" bag, in one of the most classic and resellable (if you hate it) styles. All pinks are not created equal! You can still buy some fun new Magenta and/or Bubblegum accessories or another style with different hardware and have a total other bag, and lots of fun mixing and matching. :idea:
  14. Well, might not be worth risking it...someone already did it...
  15. If it makes you feel any better, Mag, I thought I would love the silver with Magenta, but after seeing the pictures, I actually think that of the GH choices, gold was the way to go!

    Doesn't help if you wish you'd chosen RH though... :sad: