Anyone searching for a black Chanel Coco Cabas?

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  1. My SA in the NM at the Short Hills Mall located one for me. Unfortunately I am not going to purchase it (darm my husband!!!).

    Anyone interested? As for Lee. He is not working today, he isn't back until Friday but I purchased the bag so it should still be mine until Friday when he does the return.


  2. Judie, is the orignal or the quilted bottom one?
    I have the original but would like the quilted bottom. I frequent that NM.
  3. I have no idea. Do you want me to ask? Hey, maybe I can buy the orginal off you- lol!!!
  4. Please let me know if it's the quilted bottom, I want it :tup:
  5. It is the quilted bottom one. He said there's already a list for it but to give me your name and phone # and he will put you on the list. You never know.

    Ugh, of course I am wanting this bag again!!!!! I think it's technically still mine, since he is not due back in the office until Friday. But I said I wasn't going to do it, so.....

    Hey, anyone wanna buy me a present? :p
  6. Dont Give It Back! Keep It!!! Keep It!!!!
  7. i can't keep it, unfortunately. DH doesn't appreciate handbags and I don't want to fight about it. He barely noticed my Balenciaga's since they are pretty lowkey but this he would notice.

    The only way I will own this bag is if I were to get one at an excellent price OR better yet, receive it as a gift! Who would give me such a gift??? No idea! :p
  8. Hey, I want to buy a Chanel Coco Cabas bag, but I want big one, and in you have it ?
  9. Just to clarify- I never owned this bag. My SA tracked one down for me but I never even looked at it- decided not to purchase it. Posted the thread here and another pfer purchased it directly from NM.

    I've been getting a few emails since this thread was bumped up. So sorry, I don't have it. I hope everyone finds one though!!