anyone score any loubies at the barneys wearhouse sale ?


Nov 28, 2007
if anyone is interested in going they had the :

desir (both in black and magenda) :

En Passant - Black and nude (many sizes including 41,42)

the Diskoteka - Black & white

a lot of flats , wedges , and those ugly sneaker looking wedges for around $125-$200

they also had the neurons in large sizes

everything else was "one pair left , in one size" .. thats how i got lucky with mine

but i did find out that they restock everyday .. and lower prices once a week
so but the last week (sept 1st is last day) .. louboutins should be anywhere from $50- $150 at most.


Dec 26, 2007
I scored three pairs of CLs at the LA sale on behalf of my friends:

- Blue Oh My Slings in Size 5 ($215)
- Purple Wedges in size 5 ($221.25) la Nicole/15901.6140,default,sp.html?cgid=SHOES10&start=1&sz=1
- Ostrich Pumps in size 6 ($502.5)

I wanted to cut off two toes to fit into the Oh My Slings but there was no Acto knife. :P

There were also a lot of the sneaker type wedges, Desir and En Passants in all sizes since nobody seem to want them? The sneaker types were really ugly IMO. I counted at least 6 pairs of Desir on both black and Magenta in sizes 5, 6, and 7.

I also scored a pair of Prada Sandals in my size in purple suede! Simply gorgeous. Sandal/15301.6569,default,sp.html?cgid=SHOES10&start=98&sz=1

Otherwise, the sale wasn't anything to shout about. There were many size 5 shoes and lots of 42s but nothing in between.

BTW, I'm in LA and there was a huge banner with all kinds of 'rules' which includes NO SHIPPING.
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