Anyone Scared to Wear Diamonds in Public?

  1. I recently got a gorgeous yellow diamond Tiffany Soleste ring. It's basically my "engagement ring" to myself, and it symbolizes something special. The yellow diamond is internally flawless, fancy yellow, nearly one carat, etc. The yellow diamond is surrounded by a double halo of perfect white diamonds. The ring is platinum. And of course, it was pretty expensive. In short, it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!

    I love the ring so much that I wear it wherever I go. I adore the way it sparkles in the sunlight or reflects the moonlight.

    However, I live in a large city. I try not to walk alone late at night, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Many years ago, I had my purse stolen (while walking with a male friend!). So unfortunately crime does happen. But I have NOT been robbed since then, and that was several years ago.

    I live in a good neighborhood, so I'm not too concerned about thieves close to home (although I do take precautions such as a safe if I'm NOT wearing the ring). It's when I have to go to other parts of the City (downtown) that I sometimes worry about potential thieves.

    My mother warned me that I should be careful when wearing the ring when I'm out, but she also doesn't agree with paying insurance. My mom is very thrifty. My mom also said, "Who's going to know the difference between a real diamond ring and a fake one?" I suppose thieves would just grab whatever ring happens to be on my finger.

    I think I'd be a bit worried to leave my ring at home unattended, though. Even if it is locked away in a safe. My house has never been robbed, nor have any of my neighbors' homes. I live in a good neighborhood. Still, I'd hate to leave my ring all alone at home!

    Do others here have insurance on your engagement rings? Personally, I do not have insurance on my ring. Insurance is so expensive; sometimes one just has to take risks in life. The ring cost about 12k.

    I don't want to live in fear and not be able to wear my beautiful ring out in public, but I also worry a bit about thieves. Does anyone else have this fear? Thanks in advance.
  2. I insure my big pieces as a scheduled item on my home insurance. For a 12k ring, I'd insure it. Then, you don't have to worry about it. At all. At the very least, even with my insured pieces that I cannot replace, I turn the main stone around and cup it in my palm when I walk so anyone passing would just think it's a band.

    Enjoy your ring, but if you are going to worry about it, insure it!
  3. It sounds like you are stressed about wearing it in public (AND about leaving it unattended) because it is so expensive. so you should just insure it so as not to worry! no reason to take risks if it makes you nervous. If you do not take the risk, why take the risk? just think of it as the cost of wearing the ring WORRY FREE!

    That said my e-ring is not insured. But it was only 2k-3k, so I could replace it fairly easily. I have been planning to add all my jewelry to the insurance policy, just haven't done it yet because it was not until fairly recently that I have acquired some nice pieces.
  4. My big diamond is covered under insurance. However it is 4 1/2+ k
    diamonds. I own a few 1 1/2 --2 even a 3 k not insured.i guess it just seems to insure all my jewlery would cost a mint, so we dont I did buy a large turn lock gun case for a jewelry safe though. No one can walk off with that I collect stones
    So they are safe in the jewlery safe also. This works for us, without costing a ton.
  5. I would suggest insuring your diamond.. I would as a piece of mind!
  6. I would suggest insurance, my big pieces are. Safes can be opened by burglars, as I have a detective daughter she has seen all sorts of safes opened, or carried away, even those who are supped to be impossible to move! I have a burglar alarm on my house and jewellery stored away in a very unlikely and secure spot if not wearing them.

    When out walking if I am nervous I just turn my diamond ring around, and hide the diamond pear necklace under a coat or scarf.

    Enjoy your new diamond, I am sure it is gorgeous!
  7. You're too afraid to wear it out, and you're too afraid to leave it at home, and you don't want to insure it...... hmmmmm....

    If you're going to be held captive to fear just by owning a ring, you should consider returning it.

    It's supposed to be for your enjoyment, not for enslaving you to constant paranoia.... It's just a thing. And if you're not going to insure it, then you're creating even more worry for yourself.

    I think for the betterment of your mental health, you shouldn't own anything that causes you this much distress.

    Also, your mother gives poor advice.
  8. So funny I am much the same, I hate leaving my favorite pieces at home if I go somewhere, it feels safer to carry them with me because I have control over what happens to them. Once I was in the hospital I had my faves with me and when I took a shower I put them in a plastic bag and in my purse and hung them right next to me or when I slept they were in a bag under the corner of my pillow.:smile:)) Not one person ever mentioned anything when I wore them but they did to the lady next to me who wore huge gold chains and such. I think most thieves would for big and flashy or simply big and easy to tell what it is like gold but would not necessarily go for many diamonds thinking they are costume jewelry (in my area wearing those is more common), a gorgeous Soleste is pretty flashy though.

    Unfortunately where I live in Europe now they do not offer insurance for jewelry but when I lived in the US I had my nicer things insured and for sure do insure it, I would, it is not worth taking a risk and if you do insure it then you will have no headache. I think it is definitely worth it for nicer pieces for your peace of mind and it should not cost too much.
  9. Thanks for the replies! I think I should clarify that I've owned the ring for just over a year and half and I do wear it absolutely every single day. So I'm really not very scared to wear it when I go out. I was referring to times when I might have to venture into other parts of the City for work or something. So no, fear isn't keeping me from either wearing or enjoying my ring. I almost never even think about being robbed----I just happened to see a similar post and thought I'd ask how others deal with this issue.

    Thanks for the advice re: insurance. It is so expensive and I have other Tiffany pieces, as well. Thanks for the info about home safes, too. I guess we can never be too careful. I've even considered getting a safety deposit box at my local bank, but that would be quite a hassle and even more of an expense. Plus, there is not a single safety deposit box at ANY of the banks on the street near where I live! Crazy----but I think it's because it's a rather "upscale" neighborhood.

    Anyway, nothing is going to keep me from enjoying my ring! I've worn it constantly for over 18 months now. Thanks again.
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    I have my diamond ring insured and also live in a big city, the big apple New York!
    I wear my diamond ring proudly and not in fear. What good is it to have jewelry if your afraid to wear it.
    you know theives are all over the place so you have to be alert wherever you go and be alert. When I do ride the subway, I am alert of my surroundings which I think everyone should be.
  11. Well, glad to hear that you're wearing and enjoying your ring! I would definitely insure it if I were you, though. It's not nearly as expensive as having to replace the ring, and it will give you peace of mind.
  12. my ering is valued at about 10.5k and its insured. we pay about $200 annually to insure it....not really breaking the bank.

    id insure it, and wear it proudly. i have a simple solitaire setting and i just spin it around if im somewhere sketchy. i live in a city with a decent amount of crime, and ive never been scared to wear any of my jewelry, handbags, clothing, or shoes.
  13. LOL, this gave me a good laugh for the day! Actually I'm surprised someone didn't jump down your throat because of it, but it's still early yet.
    I can understand being a bit scared, but what scares me more than having my rings stolen is being hit over the head or having my finger cut off!
    Like others I just use common sense when in areas that might be risky and also turn my ring around so it looks like a plain old band.
  14. Either insure it and wear it with caution or return it. I might not wear my rings all the time, but I make sure all are insured, because I don't know that my finances will always be the same, and if something happens later and I CAN'T replace something, I'd like to have the ability to have that insurance policy.
  15. I agree with amrx87. We looked into insuring a $15k engagement ring and it was only $200 a year with no deductible. For a $1000 deductible, it was less than that. TOTALLY worth it!!!