Anyone scared to use Linea Pelle bag in fear of ruining it?

  1. I recently purchased the Piper Speedy in Sherry but I notice that I have only pulled her out of the closet twice...and when I did use it, I was soooo careful becuase of the ultra soft leather. I feel like I am going to accidently scuff it with my fingernails, keys, etc and etc. This makes me I even getting my money's worth with this bag if I am scared to use it???? Anyone else feel this way? :confused1:
  2. Oh wow, no. Don't be scared to use your Piper! I have the Dylan Bowler and the Lola Shoulder bag and have banged them around quit a bit. Im a bit rough on handbags Im afraid, constantly rubbing them against stuff, setting them on the ground even though my boyfriend is constantly getting on to me for that and they can definitely handle the wear and tear. The Lola I have is a desert color and it honestly has very few spots on it and no pulls or anything and I have been using it since last May. By the way, because I did get a few spots on my bag, I contacted the company to ask what to use to clean it and they said just water should work and it really did work very well. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for the input!
    I guess I am just not used to this kind of soft, supple leather. The closest thing I have to it is a Gustto small baca, but I've banged that around and its never scuffed (its super durable for being a soft leather). Well...I maybe I just need to give my Piper a second chance! I love the style and color of it...
  4. BacardiGirl, you want to be getting rid of that LP Piper Speedy, there are quite a number of us here who would be glad to take her off your hands...;)

  5. The idea HAS crossed my mind, as I am saving up for some more LV...
  6. That leather is way more durable than you think---use that baby and don't be afraid!

  7. I agree! Many of us would gladly help you with this "problem"! ;)
    Anyway, don't be afraid of this leather. I think LP has super knock-around bags because of their leather. So far, mine is completely unmarked and I have been using it non-stop for a couple of months. I DO NOT baby it, either. So, enjoy it!
  8. WEAR IT!!!!

    I used to think the same way until a friend of mine told me, "wear the damn bag....when you wear it down to the bone, get another"!! She's right!!!

    Life's too short!!!!

    And it's like my Dad used to tell me about my jewelry....wear them!!!! Don't save it for the coffin!!!!! (this includes your good china and crystal too!!! Are you any less special than your guests?????)
  9. AMEN!!!!
  10. Good point, Contessa!! I will take her out and about tomorrow when I meet a friend for lunch!
  11. You go girl!!!! After all, who are you saving that bag for?????!!!!

    Besides, I like the idea of wearing it to the max and being able to buy a new bag once the love has worn her out!!!!
  12. I'm reminded of a story from my childhood days that illustrates this point beautifully:

    As a young girl, I was totally into those oil "paint by numbers" kits (still am, only I don't need the #'s anymore!) Usually, the kit came with 2 pics to paint and guess what???? I'd save my fave, or what I considered the "best" for last!

    Then one summer, my cousins came out to join us at the cottage for a few days. I was told to "share" (which I HATE to this very day!!!), and you can guess what happened bratty cousins got my "best" oil painting pictures which they completey messed up......I was livid.

    Since that day, NEVER have I saved my best things for last!!!!
  13. Actually I feel the opposite about my LP bag for one great reason.... Fabulous Customer Service!!!!

    I am confident that if something terrible was to happen to my bag they would take care of me. Plus, the leather is really durable and I'm not easy on my bags:smile:

  14. :tup::tup::tup: couldnt have said it better!!!!!!!
  15. I've just started carrying my LP Piper Speedy [Sherry] and I don't plan to baby her! I think the Speedy will be a perfect daily bag and will stand up well.