Anyone saw the new Mulberry Neely???


Jun 29, 2007
The new Neely bag comes in three styles and three colors, tomato red, dark blue-ish gray (steel), and nude!!!
************4a460]The leather is "Spongy Patent" which I really love! it's soft and the texture looks really luxurious :P[/COLOR]
They also made these three colors in the Bayswater style.

I saw the nude one with rose gold hardware and told myself I had to get it.....

and apparantly the nude x rose gold combo is all sold out online!!!

Here's a picture of Olivia Palermo carrying the bag just recently



Jan 2, 2010
It looks nice being hand by Oliva and I do love the nude colour. The 'but' for me though is that i don't think this bag works well across body. it is too boxy and the wrong shape for me. It just sort of stands there and sticks out from your body! That said, i am sure that you and lots of our tpfers will rock it but it just didn't do it for me.

If you get one, I hope it looks amazing on you and that you love it. Please do us some pics as would love to see them. xx
Mar 7, 2007
ITA with corries about the patent spongy - would love to see this design in another leather.

I actually bought and returned the steel Neely.

It is a lovely design, and looks wonderful when just carried by the top handle. The handle and strap leather are a bit to thick and tough for the style of the bag. Very hard to wear cross-body as it doesn't slouch or curve round your body and is a very boxy bag.

However I will keep my eye out for one if they ever hit the sales!


Jan 30, 2008
I'm surprised at how good it looks once carried by people. When I first saw the pics of Neely, I thought it looked very similar to past season MiuMiu bag.
I like your modelling pics with the Steel Neely, LittleStar. I think you look very stylish together. But I agree, it's the kind of bag that only looks good when it's half empty, and at the end of the day, what's the purpose of buying a big bag if you can't fill it up with anything.