Anyone saw the L'Amore Luna, Trenino and MM in stores?

  1. I wonder if Macy's ever carry them since I've never seen them IRL. I checked a couple of places online and the only stores which carry them happens to be located in Japan. :sad: Any tips would be great! As you can see, my L'AMore collection is really growing and I am so itching for it to be completed.
  2. I could be wrong, but I could have sworn that I saw a L'amore Luna at the Macys at the K Street Mall in Sacramento this past week. They had tons of tokidoki. I feel like I saw a L'amore Luna. I know that I saw Lunas in other prints.
  3. Try JapanLA I spoke to Jamie a couple of weeks ago and she still had alot of them in stock
  4. I didn't see any on their online store though. Only the BV and Canguro available.

    And I just got my most perfect L'Amore Nuvola! From the pics, I can count Adios and Ciao Ciao appearing three times at the front, on each zippered sides! I am terribly happy that I got it way way below retail too!

  5. Congrats on your Nuovla...where'd you get it? :graucho:

    Macy's definitely carries the Luna b/c I know I've seen them there. The Macy's in Pleasanton CA had the luna but it's gone now. :sad: I'll let you know if I see one anywhere.
  6. i want the l'amore trenino SOOOO bad. i saw it listed on Yahoo! auctions Japan, so when I was there I checked the Lesportsac stores & couldn't find it - only to remember when I was leaving that L'amore wasnt available in stores! :sad:
  7. hmm I don't believe I've ever seen these styles at any Macy's I've been to. It's weird ..
  8. hawaii lesportsacs have the MM i think. not sure if we even carry the trenino.. but i think they have lunas.
  9. I've seen L'amore MM at Nordstrom, but my mom bought it :p
  10. happy six in LA has the amore trenino ^^ i too am looking for an amore luna since i'm gonna get rid of my foresta luna...i know stoneridge macy's USED to have it for the longest time and it was so pretty to look at, but its sold now. i know its hiding in a few macy's SOMEWHERE...
  11. does anyone know the UPC for lamore luna?
  12. thanks all for the helpful tips! bubblesung, I check Happy Six
    website and there is no mention about doing chargesend. Have anyone here ordered anything from them and have them shipped it? I would love to give them a call only if they do shipping.
  13. i don't think they do chargesend...i'm going down to LA in 2 weeks though so i could check it out