anyone saw "my super ex-girlfriend" ?

  1. i was interested to see this because of the luke factor, and uma too.
    is it any good?
  2. it was an extremely cute movie. it was surprisingly better than i thought it would be!! worth the 8 dollar admission i think :smile:
  3. thanks rebecca15 :P
    i can't wait to see it
  4. It was really cute - lots of laughs
  5. i saw it in a prescreening before the editing and special effects. it was still cute and funny, imo. hehe. i saw it for the bigger names, and cuz it was free.. didnt think it would be that good of a movie, cuz it looked so cheesy. haha.
  6. frozen7313 , u're so lucky :P
  7. lol am not! my date just wanted to see a free movie! talk about a cheap date!! LOL.
  8. Ha Ha Ha
  9. saw the movie.. did not like it.... but it was funny on some scenes.. maybe I was expecting way too much.... love Uma though.
  10. i hear its not that good.. i have to see it though i love uma
  11. i didn't enjoy it. some parts are funny, but a little far-fetched for my liking. just not my type of movie i guess.

    heatherette. yay!
  12. i just saw the movie.
    i disappointed, it's not as funny as i thought it would be :sad:
  13. I saw two previews for this movie and not only did it look outrageously awful, it was way too loud. I am definitely giving this one a miss.
  14. Lol out of all of my friends who saw it, I was the only one who knew what Heatherette was.
    I love it! I have a couple of their shirts (the unicorn and Care Bear ones) and the popsicle sweater. Also I have this cute little Care Bear that I think was the ticket to get into the runway show a couple seasons ago.
  15. Oh and the movie was ok. I thought it would be a lot funnier but the end was pretty dumb, IMO.
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