Anyone saving up for a high-ticket jewelry item?

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  1. Is anyone saving hard for something spectacular? If so, what is it and how long have you been saving? I'm trying to save for a WG Cartier Love bracelet but it will be a long time. Thanks to the enablers on TPF, I've been bad in 2008!
  2. I'd like to get the Cartier trinity ring in trigold or the pink gold orchid ring. There is a 300 dollars difference between the two so I want to see them IRL first. If all goes to plan, I'll have a beauty on my finger at the end of next month.
    After that, I need to buckle down and start saving for some new appliances!
  3. saving up for a 18k gold rolex :smile: Who knows when it will be's probably going to be worth a cost of a house by the time I'm "ready" hahaha.
  4. I'm not saving for these now, but my fantasy is to one day own a gorgeous pair of diamond stud princess cut earrings, preferably at least 1.5 carats in each ear. Sigh!
  5. I'm saving up for an engagement ring upgrade. I'm thinking between 2.2 and 2.7 carats (solitaire), VS2/SI1, G. All I know is that the longer I wait, the better the upgrade!

    DH and I started putting money aside just recently for this purchase. I decided not to spend money on the smaller large purchases (~$1500) so that money can go to the extremely large purchase fund. We also want to have a large savings reserve before spending the cash, so with building that up in addition to saving a lump sum for a diamond, it will probably be 2 years before we are able to make the purchase. DH wants it to be 20% of our savings, so we have plenty left over.

    I think he'd rather buy me a solid gold Rolex, because we'd get a better deal. :rolleyes: He's the watch junkie, though, not me. I prefer sparklies. :graucho: Although the yellow gold Rolex is quite stately... :P
  6. well it will be a high ticket jewelry item for MY budget- i realllly want a michele diamond deco watch....
  7. My first rolex ! :heart:
  8. I have never been a saver :nogood: I have that crazy and VERY dangerous buy now/pay later way of thinking. In my own defense, I always seem to be more focused when I have something to pay for as opposed to saving for it, so, I manage to pay off whatever it is I bought. That being said, I really, really, REALLY want a Cartier watch. :graucho: I'm torn between the Roadster and the Tank in SS. It's just so hard to justify a $5,000.00 watch at this point in my life. Who knows, maybe I will feel different tomorrow and just get the darn thing! You only live once, right??!? Right??
  9. After i'm done saving for my car this June, i'm thinking about saving up for a Cartier Love bracelet too hokaplan, ahh, but i have a lot of bracelets i don't wear. idk....maybe DBF will get me a LOVE bracelet :biggrin:!!! i would love to buy a pair of nice diamond stud though....ohh there's a lot of things. When i make up my mind, i'll tell you girls. I don't have trouble saving my money so, all is well here.
  10. I'm dreaming of getting the VCA Frivole earrings to match my pendant (since i was not able to purchase it last year)... but can't seem to get the H bags out of my mind lately ever since i carried & "modelled" one I'm in a bit of a dilemma.... jewelry or an H bag! (HA! I never imagined I would be in this situation! :sweatdrop: )
  11. j12 with diamond
  12. hmm....I would love a nice diamond Right hand ring from Cartier or Tiffany :heart:
  13. Van Cleef opera length Alhambra necklace for me or their diamond Frivole ring - I love these pieces! It'll be awhile since I spent $5K at Cartier recently and we're still furniture shopping, so the VC&A is low priority unfortunately!
  14. ^ Get it with the Birks card.. the breaking it down by months and no interest really makes those big ticket items seem a lot less painful. :graucho:
  15. Lots of folks in here wanting Cartier.
    Well here I go: I would love the Cartier La Dona watch in the small, rose gold, no diamonds.
    Not sure when this will happen.
    But ITA that the smaller purchases of other items have to be elliminated first.