Anyone ride horses?

  1. Hey guys.

    I was wondering if anyone on here rides horses? If so, what do you do? I ride hunter/jumper - I have a 7 y.o dapple grey TB gelding that I show hunters and eq with. We usually school 3'-3'3.....

    Also, where do you ride at? And do you have any pics/videos of your horse?

  2. i dont have a horse but i love riding (english) i would love to be living off the books i write and just buying a house or an abandoned lighthouse with a huge property where i could keep horses..and a sheep dog lol among many other dogs.
  3. You know, I used to! I grew up on a ranch, and so I had a horse, and anther and another, and another. I pretty much grew up on horse back:yes: but, now, I live in Paris, so it is a little more of a challange to find an actual horse.

    I had a massage, the other day, and my masseuse told me that she had been riding horses that weekend. I sighed in envy:noworry: , and she was kind enough to put me in touch with the equestrian club of which she belongs. I am used to western, of course, on a ranch in Colorado and what not, but I am really looking forward to riding again!:yes: :flowers:
  4. :biggrin: Finally! Someone who lives for my favorite animal in the entire WORLD! Obviously, your horse is MUCH taller than mine...and I am not into any type of showing...nor do I usually ride with a saddle...BUT I do ride...pretty much EVERYDAY!!! :rolleyes:

    I have an 8 year old Foundation Quarter Horse...Kings Wimpy Chex...he's a Buckskin Dun and can be a spoiled brat...pretty much all the time, but there isn't a thing I don't LOVE about him!

    Here are some pics...Oh, shortened to Wimpy, but I somehow call him Monkey & he whinnies to that:love: !

    Post some of your horse...or horses...I love to see anything that has to do with my passion...K
    wimpy & me field_cr small.jpg boy1_cr.jpg boy3_cr.jpg boy 2_cr.jpg boy 4_cr.jpg
  5. omg your horse is GORGEOUS!!! I've always wanted a buckskin!!! he is so pretty!!

    I cant figure out how to attach any pictures, but I do have videos....

    The ones of me in the pink shirt are about a week old!
  6. i LOVE your buckskin! he is SO adorable i have two horses, a roan appaloosa draft and an arabian mix we arent really sure about him when we got him for my 8th birthday he was very sedated we think he came from canada he was terrified of everything even bug zappers, shears everything. I usually just ride around our property and there used to be some trails from a old sand company but they are overgrown now. i can ride english and western but i definitely prefer western lol the saddles are like lazy-boys I will have to take some pics of my babies. i am so glad other people love horses:love:
  7. Oooh!! I have 2 horses - dd and I used to ride and she did the show thing but quit last year - I decided to keep my girls....because I love them even though I hardly get on at this point...however, I do have the urge and plan to soon!! We have them at home, one is a companion horse as she's about 25 - the other pretty girl is a 13 y.o. saddlebred mare - about 15 hands...straight from Kentucy and very well trained - that's why I don't want to give her up because I know I can still jump on her back and she'll be good to me! Oh and I ride English - Saddleseat....
  8. I LOVE to ride...I'm a member (or I was) of the Back Country Horsemen local club with my grandfather who taught me to ride. We haven't gone in over a year...closer to two years. But when we went we would go up in the mountains behind his house. I'd ride Ebony, an all black Tennessee Walker, and he'd ride Rosie, a pretty white (with light spots) mule. The switchbacks are intense.

    And we'd go on big rides with the other back country horsemen members and have potlucks afterwards.

    My favorite ride was Mt. St. Helens. The trails were super narrow and went straight down. But I totally trusted Ebony and didn't even worry about it. The view was amazing! And it was a lot of fun.

    I love horses. They are such regal, beautiful, and smart creatures. Grandpa still has Rosie but sold Ebony and got a new horse. Not sure what kind but he's very pretty. A deep red color.

    I miss riding! Trail riding is so relaxing, peaceful. Just what I need lately. =D
  9. Come ride the horsies at Club BagnShoo...
  10. Yup...I've been riding since I was 2 and showing since I was 6!

    I am very lucky b/c my grandparent's best friends ride Grand Prix jumpers and own their own stable. They are go back and forth between AZ and Del Mar, CA.I have been fortunate enough to be able to ride their horses (phenomenal!!) and get some lessons from them.

    My aunt also breeds Morgans, which are awesome, versatile horses. She specializes in "rare" colors in the breed : buckskin, cremello, and palamino.

    I ride English mostly, but sometimes I ride Western. I love to jump (obviously!!) :smile: I also am involved in Pat Parelli's Natural is very eye opening and I have learned soooo much!

    Right now, I have a bay Arabian gelding, El Sol, or "Sunny" as I call him. I love him to pieces--he is such an awesome horse!! He is also really huge for an Arab (I'm 5'10" tall, so my horses have to be tall as well!!)
  11. sad part is that the only place to ride around here is all the way to patterson, and especially with gas prices i literally cannot afford to ride there as much as i would like to.
  12. Used to show, western, traveled all over, mostly in Calif. Del Mar, Snata Barbara, and finally to the junior world finals in Oklahoma City. Best years of my life, frankly.
  13. I love riding!! I took lessons when I was younger, but I quit for some reason, I don't know why, since I loved it so much. I have two aunts that have horses, but I just never get around to borrow their horses, but I absolutely loves riding and adore horses. I'm gonna buy a horse one day, but right now I don't have the money or time to have one.
  14. I've riden a few times when I was younger, really wish i still did. its probably too late for me to start learning to really ride. i'd also like to have a horse, but not until i have much more money.
  15. man, I wish I would learn how to ride a horse but I am too scared to ride one.... but i have seen it so many times and ppl said they really enjoyed it...