Anyone returned to Sephora?

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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes to refund the credit card? I returned mine monday and nothing yet.
  2. THey've been really quick lately...I would say beginning to mid next week you might see something. I've done 2 returns lately and it seems like they refunded very quickly, much more so than in the past when it felt like I waited a month for the return to be processed.
  3. it's a holiday week, expect it to take several more days than normal.
  4. it took a little while for mine, even though i paid for it half cash and half debit, the stupid girl put it back like it was credit, i dont think she knew what she was doing... it took a week and a half for mine to go back...
  5. i work retail - what the cashier does has basically no influence on how fast you get your credit. the information is transmitted to the credit company instantly, it's up to YOUR credit card company to process it. returns take longer to process because they're more rare and complex than regular purchases and banks are very careful before they release funds back to someone after they've been spent. it's not the retail location's fault. it CAN be their fault if you're doing a mailed return, because then the processing time on their end can be quite long, but if you're doing an in-store return, the information is transmitted to your bank instantly (POS systems that take credit cards are hooked up to the internet), just like with a purchase.
  6. It took me about 2 business days for the return to post. I think with the holiday and all it may be a little longer.
  7. That's right. :yes:

    It's not nice to call the cashier a "stupid girl." It's not easy being a cashier because everyone blames everything on you when in reality, you really don't have much control over anything.
  8. Well, I got it back today! Thanks for the information.
  9. This happened to me a couple of months ago with Sephora, and when I noticed that they had given me online store credit vs. crediting my card, I simply called them up and they very nicely corrected it for me. It took a few more days for my card to be credited, but I understand that mistakes happen so it was not a big deal IMO. Everyone that I've ever dealt with when calling Sephora have been wonderful!

  10. the thing was that i was supposed to get cash back not have a credit back since i didn't pay credit... Also my job is a cashier haha and i know about getting blamed for everything. :P
  11. Understood. I know that after a lonnnnnnnng shift, it's not always easy to pay attention to details. I'm sure the store wouldn't have minded giving you cash back if they voided the first return. It was her mistake after all. I just don't think think it was nice to call her a stupid girl. We all make mistakes. :shame:
  12. yeah i guess i was kind of harsh calling her stupid, sorry... :shame:

    haha i also replied to this after my 4:45 am to 4 pm shift so i was kind of cranky.