Anyone return TWICE to BalNY??


psalm 25:4
Sep 18, 2006
I feel so :shame: ...
I bought a White Purse but didn't like the style so I returned it and got a White City but the leather is too smooth ... I feel so silly returning AGAIN ... I was going to return it and wait til the Spring when I am planning a trip to NY to pick one out in person - which is what I had origianlly planned but got sooo excited when I heard they had True White City's in stock ... AGGHHHH!!!


spoiled little girl
Nov 26, 2006
i have returned twice there. the first time because it wasn't the color i was looking for, and the second because the leather wasn't what i wanted. there's nothing to feel silly about IMHO because you are paying for the bag and you should get what you want...they give you store credit anywys, so they're really not loosing business. i felt a bit silly when i did it, but my SA told me it was ok as there a lot of people who do that when they order through the phone.
hope you finally get what you want!