Anyone return an item to Let-Trade lately?

  1. When I was purchasing, it seemed I was replied to very quickly. Now that I'm trying to return, it's been two days and no word. They're very nice and I do believe they'll get back with me, but it makes me nervous just waiting like this. Are they good at working with you on a return?
  2. Me, too! I sent an email explaining that the bag I purchased had an odor that wasn't going away and that I was unhappy and wanted to return it - and I didn't get a reply. So I resent it again today asking if they received it - got a reply saying that he had to ask "his boss" re: the return. I dunno...
  3. if we return an item to them, will they deduct a 15% restocking fee? :s
  4. They should not charge you a dime because the handbag is being returned due to an odor. If they do.. I would not purchase from them again.
  5. I quote let-trade's refund policy

    [COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=3][COLOR=#50080f] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4][COLOR=#4488ff] Refund Policy
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=3][COLOR=#50080f] Most items are used and we try our best to describe it, but there are possibility that some parts we missed during inspection.Please look into the pictures for a general understanding the condition of the item. Even though 99.9% of the customers are happy with our products, we do not guarantee all flaws are shown in the pictures due to the difficulty and limit. However if high bidder do think the condition is NOT as description, I can send refund to you. But, the item has to be the same condition as when we sent out and item must return within 72 hours of arrival or we will not issue refund.[B] shipping fee is not refundable and we will charge additional 15% restocking fee. Full refund will only issue to authencity related question.[/B][COLOR=#ff0055][B]If you are not agree PLEASE DO NOT BID![/B][/COLOR] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
  6. I had posted about this last week - 2 "Smelly" bags from Hong Kong - one was from Authentic_lvlady - and, to her credit, she gave me no problem with the return and replied immediately.

    Stupid me - I didn't admit this last week - but I had gotten SO excited by everything I'd read here about Let-Trade that I not only ordered an Epi Alma in Yellow, but I also bought an Epi Sorbonne in Black. I was hoping that the Sorbonne would not smell (as it came about 4 days after I got the Alma), but sure enough, it is very musty, too. So I wrote and told them yesterday that I've aired them both out now for a week and they both still had a strong musty odor and that I cannot keep them.

    So now I wait for their reply...and I'm worried they're going to think I'm just being fickle. But, in fact, both bags smell!!!!!!!!!! :hysteric:
  7. Medhavani- I am fully aware of Let-Trades return policy- however, it only pertains to flaws in the bags that perhaps are shown, not shown or missed all together. It does not make any allowance for odors and that is the basis for my post.

  8. Yes, thank you for quoting Let-Trade's refund policy - I have read it. But I did contact them within 72 hours of getting the first smelly bag and they told me I should use an "air freshener" in the bag for a few days - so I did.

    They did not describe either bag as having a musty odor. So, no, the condition was not as described.

    If they refuse to give me a refund, I will have to chalk it up to $1,000 of stupidity - and a lesson learned. Perhaps I'll see if I can find a place that can clean the bags to remove the smell - though I suspect it might not be possible.
  9. Hmmm,

    I asked questions about advertised bag and got some really odd answers that just dont stack up!
  10. I'm sorry you are having a bad experience from them. I have ordered 3 bags from them and all of them have been PERFECT, absolutely NO odor. After reading messages on here about odor I was very nervous, but after receiving them and smelling the heck out of them (LOL) I'm very pleased with the bags. :yes: I'm sure they'll make things right. On the auction it also says NO DUST BAG INCLUDED...but all of mine came with dustbags, so I think they're "policies" are just for general purposes!

    Let us know how it goes. If I can ask....what are you returning? Hopefully not the wallet you were looking forward too? :s

  11. I agree. LT is really awesome, so I doubt they will charge a re-stocking fee. I think the fee only applies if you receive the bag then for some reason don't like the color, size, etc. and/or change your mind.
  12. Little Petunia- No reason to worry.. they are good about keeping their customers happy.. just don't let them charge you the 15% restocking fee.
  13. Mine are both Epi leather - could that absorb musty smells more than the Mono canvas does? :confused1:
  14. Like what exactly? I'm curious because I've purchased several items from LT and they were always knowledgeable and very nice.
  15. Thank you!!:love: (this is very stressful...)