Anyone remember???

  1. Hey!!! I was just wondering....does anyone remember the band Hanson??? I used to love them, and I have started to research some of their newer music, is there anyone who still likes them, or who used to?

    lol...I feel so stupid for asking
  2. I used to love them when they first came out, ha ha!

    they were here in the uk last wk, they appeared on the tv show Loose Women (the UK's version of The View) and they looked sooooo different! The youngest one is married!!!!
  3. UMMM BOP !!! Yeah I remember them. I think a bunch of them grew up and got married.

    I loved the song " This time around "
  4. I only knew MMMBOP! And at the time I really liked it. But last time I saw them on TV they were a bit too earthy crunchy for me! They weirded me out!:shrugs:
  5. i do
  6. I personally thought their songs were annoying but recently there was this 30ish year old woman that was on Deal or No Deal and she was obsessed with them. :throwup: She knew everthing about them and even kept a guitar pic from the concert for good luck! Of course, they ended up surprising her on the stage and she freaked out like a preteen! They are all married and old now. (Well...old as in they've finally hit puberty!)
  7. I used to mistake the youngest for a girl :p
  8. okay no one else likes them....:blah:

    LOL!!! Just kiddin!!! Thanks for posting everyone!
  9. i used to love them!! then i thought it was weird when the like 17 year old middle brother got married and had a baby when he was 17 and thats the last i heard of them :smile:

    but i did like them a lot i had like their holiday album and everything haha!
  10. Oh Hanson... I had such high hopes.
  11. All three are married and I know that Taylor has at least 3 kids, and Isaac has one. I don't think the youngest one has children yet.

    My sister looooooooooooooooooved Hanson, and I couldn't stand them. One time she called every Hanson in OK trying to find them (LOL you should have seen my mom's face when she opened the phone bill that month or the time my sister superglued posters of them on my Mom's car).
  12. Hahaha!!!! This is such a dumb thread!!! I kinda wish I hadn't posted it, but it's still kinda funny...Charles, I had high hopes too, LMAO!!!!
  13. Me too! :lol:
  14. oh wow.... I suddenly recall this old old old magazine I read like 10 years ago...LOL! what a strange feeling lol
  15. Oh my goodness...if I posted my stories on here you all would probably make fun of me lol. But maybe I will just for fun...someone is bound to like my stories.

    When I was 14 my Dad took me to Oklahoma(where they are from) along with two of my girlfriends and one of their moms. We got tickets through the fan club. I think we arrived at the venue at like 9am LOL. We waited outside all day for them and were able to say hi to them as they walked into the building. We had Meet & Greet passes from the fan club....we only got to take a picture with a group of like 30 people! I didn't even get to stand by any of them lol...totally bummed. Well finally it came time to go in for the show and right when I got in line to pick up my tickets the computers went down WTH! I was so sad...that I started to CRY LOLOL! I mean we came all the way from California! Not to mention the show was already starting! Out of no where Hansons MOM came up to me and asked why I was crying. I told her it was b/c we came all this way I and i loved them so much blah blah. So she put her arm around me and told me that it was okay. She took us right down into the front row!! We had a blast at the show and I couldn't believe that she did that!! After the show we waited outside to see them go to their cars. While we were waiting Hansons tutor, Ashley, came up to us and asked "Aren't you guys the ones from California?" We were like "Yeah how did you know that??!!" He said "Hang on, I will be right back!" So we waited and a few minutes later he came out and said "Well Hanson requested you guys backstage! Come with me!" And of course i ALMOST DIED..being 14 and in TOTAL LOVE with these guys! lol. We got to talk to them for a good 15 minutes and take pictures. I wish I had the pictures on this computer but they are on my old computer at my Dad's house.

    I also met them when I was 16 shows in Los Angeles....they are all married now.

    Isaac just had a baby and Taylor has three kids already...

    I can't believe I was that crazy!