Anyone remember the price of BH

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  1. before the price increase? It's $815 now.
  2. I think $785.
  3. I could have sworn that is was $815 before the price increase too...I don't think it went up with this most recent one.
  4. I think I paid $785 in Feb or March

  5. That's what I thought too.
  6. I checked my spreadsheet which I created July 12. It was $815 then and stayed at $815 through this most recent price increase.
  7. sorry 'bout that! I think I was thinking of before one of the other price increases.
  8. I think I paid $750 for mine last summer, but idk about right before the last increase.
  9. Does anyone know how much it will be if you include 8% tax? I live in Texas and im debating whether I should go to my regular SA or through elux..

    and im TERRIBLE with math..
  10. $880.20 including tax. Or around $825-830 on eluxury with shipping
  11. ohhh and as for calculating tax: Just take the amount and multiple by 1.08.
  12. That's ok, who can keep up with LV's price increases! :nuts:
  13. ELUX ELUX ELUX!!! With 4% rebate (through ******), it's much cheaper than the store. Plus I'm sick of the store's customer service.
  14. I bought the BH around April 2006, and it was $775. It went up two weeks after I bought it to $815. And it's now still $815.
  15. i got mine in bermuda. it was 785 i think. maybe 790. i know it was slightly less than the us. oh and it was about a month ago.
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