Anyone remember the Gray RM MAM that sold out everywhere? Well...

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  1. You can buy it at Luna Boston now! Sara just told me that they got only a few in after the owner begged Rebecca Minkoff for some more of them. Every other online store that I know of (emilygrace, rapunzels, AE, revolve, and more) has sold out of this bag, and I really dont think it will be available again!

    Hurry, I think there is only 1 left!
    CIMG4918.JPG 18014-viewsize300-front.jpg
  2. 18412-ViewSize300-Front.jpg
  3. I am returning my white goldwash matinee and getting the grey! that is the one I wanted initially, but they were all sold out. I came across Luna B. because someone said they could order bags sometimes. Anyway, I was so excited when I saw the dark grey! aaah!
  4. Hurry up and get them girls!! They won't last long. Especially the dark grey Matinee...
  5. Sigh I already bought a larger gray ma. I'll get it this monday so I'm hoping the size is ok on me.

    I hope she makes more grays next fall! :smile: I wouldn't doubt it. I'm sure grey is a pretty popular color.

    I'd get that matinee, but it's bag ban time!
  6. OOHHHH Post pics when you get your Grey MA! Can't wait to see how you like the reg. size MA.
  7. I have a question for you RM MAM (mini) owners-- does it fit easily over your shoulder? Or should I go for the full-sized MA?
  8. ^^I can fit my MAM over my shoulder : )
  9. That is a really hot color.

    I wish I wan't on a ban right now!

  10. Thanks GUNG. Too bad I've spent so much already today. I sniff a ban (hah! right.....).
  11. You can get the grey MAM at You have to call them though. It's not on their website.
  12. Well I'm 5'2 and it goes comfortably over my shoulder. I guess it depends how meaty your arm is, and whether you're wearing a coat?
  13. I am 5'8'' and I can fit my MAM over my shoulder :smile: