ANYONE REMEMBER THE 2005 SUMMER Fendi Chef Bags in calfLeather with CHARMS??

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  1. Hi girls!

    I remember eyeing these fendi chef bags , they came in the little sizes and the large large sizes.. and they were in leather... Chef bags, but in leather, perforated (subtle) FFs on the whole bag and had pretty fendi charms that came with it...

    The colours: White, Purple, Orange?? i think... and i really really loved the white one.. but passed on it in the end.. but i remember thinking about it alot..

    ANYONE HAS ONE OF THESE leather chef bags from summer 05?

    WOULD LOVE to see a pic!!
  2. YAY!! found a pic.... this is the yellow one..

    I would love to get a pic of the purple / white one
    yellow chef.JPG
  3. NICE! Would love to get a hold of a brown one! hehe
  4. Ooh I like these!
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