Anyone remember MCM bags?

  1. I see a couple on their site that I like, but can't find an online shop that carries them. Anyone have a clue as to where you can buy them? And not end up with a fake?
  2. OMG YES! I have two that are about 15-20 years old. My MIL purchased my first one from Spiegel as a Christmas gift to me and my second one I purchased at an MCM store in Honolulu. I've also got a wallet and credit card holder. I don't use them anymore because the fabric lining has started to wear thin. I would love to find these bags again:tup: I also remember they had a store in Caesars Casino in Atlantic City.
  3. You'll find tons of them on eBay.
  4. aren't they a lot like Longchamp? I can't remember.
  5. I loved mine too.. wish there was a store that sold them still.
  6. I Have Quite A Bit Of MCM (Mostly From The Late 80's-Early 90's)....It Basically Sits In My Closet (I Won't Part With It).

    Leah411 ~ Yes! Quite A Bit On eBay. A Lot Of Fakes. :sad:
  7. Every time I see one every now and then on the streets of NY, I do a second take! I have a speedy-like satchel from eBay which I believe is authentic though I've never had it authenticated. I wouldn't know where I would have this done since it's so rare!
  8. I LOVED MCM!! My girlfriend has on e that is still in such good shape. I would love to find one! Someone out in PF land will know of a place to get one besides ebay!! I will keep checking back!:tup::tup:
  9. They have a "lion" series on their site with a speedy style that I would LOVE to get my hands on! :drool:
  10. What is the website?
  11. yes yes yes I recall MCM. Still kicking self about a MCM "speedy" at upscale resale store that I didn't get:crybaby:
  12. here are some cute ones from




    ok, not quite like Longchamp
    742.jpg 881.jpg 1833.jpg

  13. At Bloomies in San Francisco last weekend they were having some sort of special MCM promotion. I had never heard of this brand before.

    There was a DJ playing loud music, and there were 3 identically-dressed blond women walking around the handbag floor with identical MCM bags. They were wearing gingham trench coats, sleek ponytails, big black sunnies (yes, indoors lol), and black stilettos.