Anyone religious?

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  1. I noticed on the never have I ever thread that a couple people mentioned they believed in God. I do too. I was wondering, does anyone feel guilty for spending so much money because of your religious beliefs? I do sometimes. I think this question can apply to a lot of different religions, as spending money on handbags isn't exactly a spiritual exercise. How do you reconcile your spending and your beliefs?
  2. I'm religious but I don't feel guilty spending lots of money on bags. I help others by donating and volunteering and think that it's okay to make myself happy too. :smile: Only once did I feel bad for having so much when so many people have so little.
  3. I'm Buddhist. In accordance with my religion's tenets, I follow the middle path. Not too much indulgence, and not too much denial, I try to strike a balance.
  4. I'm a christian, and I tithe and give my offering.. I think it really is up to you on how you control your expenditure and what you do with your money..
  5. religion has nothing to do with spending money on bags. Unless you are stealing/killing for/the money to buy your bags then you are in deep &hit with the your maker!
    In my opinion!
  6. I am a Christian and do try to keep myself in check with my spending. It doesn't always work - have to discipline myself from time to time - getting back into scripture/prayer helps ALOT and keeps things in perspective, stops some impulses. But because I am still human I find that reminding myself that, "I own my posessions, they do not own me", helps alot as well.
  7. yeah ditto I try balance things out..
  8. well...Not very religious..But PHH does say "OH DEAR GOD" ..everytime he sees a new bag...ROFL
  9. ^^:roflmfao:
  10. ^^I do the same and totally agree:yes:

  11. ^yup!!

    Sometimes I do feel guilty for all of the material things that I own, but am sooooooooooo thankfull of all of the REAL blessings that God has given me (family, etc):heart:
  12. Like others, I try to balance it out. I donate money to charities and volunteer on a regular basis. I'm very thankful for all that I have and everytime I splurge on myself I'm reminded of it.
  13. Aha! hahaha:roflmfao:

  14. I'm sure there's a dirty joke I could make somewhere in there, but since I just got an email from you, I'm going to refrain:P
  15. Why would God make such talented designers if he didn't want us to enjoy their talents? :smile:

    I too am a Christian and even though I've been very lax about going to church I still feel very close to God and Jesus. I do my best to donate and volunteer and do his works.

    I think it's just like anything else - I gamble every once in awhile but am not addicted and don't go overboard. I don't drink but think that drinking in moderation is totally fine (he made wine too!). :smile: