Anyone regret getting the Artsy MM?

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  1. Did you let the handle get "worked in" with use? I wasn't fond of the handle at first but once it began to have a little give in it I was in love!
  2. Old thread, but I adore my Artsy (Mono) too. She's almost a year old now and, though she isn't the most comfortable, she remains my favourite bag.

    I prefer carrying the Galliera because the shoulder strap is more comfortable but I love the organisation and the look of the Artsy.
  3. LV will replace the plate if that happens and its not that expensive. I already inquired about this before I made my purchase.
  4. No regrets at all with my artsy, i had first the mono one (i loved it) but sold her to fund the empreinte infini arsty, which is more gorgeous I think. The very unique shape, the lot of room, the lot of pockets, the slouch and the yummy leather make me LOVE this bag!!!
  5. I have both galliera and artsy.

    i wanted artsy - tried it on, bought it. exchanged for galliera mono.. then after a few months, cant resist - purchased artsy again and kept it. I have had the galliera mono over a year and artsy almost a year. I love it. i love both bags but I tend to use artsy more. I just love how low maintenance it is.

    the only negative I can think of is... if i dont carry much.. the bag wont stand up. It tends to fold and lie down on the side. I have to carry loads of things so that it will maintain its posture. I have been thinking of buying those purse organizer but havent gotten around it yet.

    Get it! You will love it!
  6. I have both as well but I prefer my Galliera more because it's more comfy to carry. I hardly ever use my Artsy but I don't think I'll ever sell her either (although I've contemplated it over and over). I think it's a nice bag to have in my collection and I do feel extra special when I carry her on the rare occasion. It does get heavy quite quickly so that's why I have to make sure I won't be doing too much walking when using her.
  7. I love my Galliera. No comparison, IMO. The only thing I like about the Artsy is the handle and how the canvas extends inside the bag at the opening. The body of the bag looks like one big rumpled sheet of canvas. I also find it unattractive to see it shoved up against someone's armpit. I was out to lunch with a friend a few months ago and noticed there was white flaky-looking marks at the top of the body of her Artsy. When we got up to leave the table, as she put the bag on her shoulder, I realized the marks were from her deodorant! It rather grossed me out, and now I always imagine her bag smelling like B.O.

    I've had my Galliera a long time, and there's not a scratch on the brass plate. I don't see how some folks are having such a problem with their plates scratching or discoloring.
  8. This is my first LV bag and I wanted to get something unconventional. When I opened the LV box, I was rather disappointed to realised 1) It is made in Spain 2) It is not practical to wear it on the shoulder as the armpit sweats will dirty the bag. The handle is too short for shoulder wear. 3) It does not open well as the opening is small and the bag is deep. 4) It does not have the magnet fastener to clip the opening together as the sales has "imagined" described. As it was not available at the store, most sales would not be able to answer your questions after you see the pictures online. I thought I should spell out the bad points. Since it was a purchase, I will continue to use it. It is still a rather unconventional LV design.