Anyone regret getting the Artsy MM?

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  1. I lvoe my Artsy MM. It is a fantastic bag! I sold my Galliera to fund this one! The only thing I did was take the little keyring thing off because I kept swinging it around or getting it caught onto something else. It bugged me too much plus one time I about took out my daughters face when I swung my purse around!
  2. I bought this bag for many reasons & I have lots of opinions about it! I'll share them with you!

    1. 7 Pockets total. All deep pockets. (I am very organized and never lose anything in this bag. Perfect!)
    2. Single strap handle! (You won't have one strap falling off & the handle is so pretty)
    3. Great quality & beautiful, of course

    1. Handle. (It doesn't bother me much because I have been carrying huge and heavy backpacks all my life... but I can understand why the strap would bother MANY people! The strap is round & with the size of the artsy and how much you would ideally carry in it... the weight drags on the shoulder and does hurt. For me, I would say it does hurt a little bit, but not enough to bother me and hate the purse. For many others, this is the case. ... for this reason, if you went with empreinte, this would be much less a problem)
    2. Maintenance of the handle. (When I use this purse, I have to be very careful not to place it on certain hooks in bathroom stalls or it makes scratches or ugly dents in the leather handle... because the handle is thick! In this case, I honestly have to sometimes use the bathroom WITH the purse over my shoulder or ask someone to watch it for me. This is not enough reason for me to not like the purse though.. I just find this another thing I do for my Artsy. :smile: ... just keep in mind that with a galliera, this will probably be less of a problem.)
    3. Sometimes little kids get curious and peek in my purse or go through it because it is always open. (this is not a big deal, but once in a while I leave the purse around the house for a small amount of time then find a little kid running around with my sunglasses or something! If the purse had closure, they'd be much less likely to go through it. I never had issues with kids going through my bags before. Since the bag is so big and very open when it is sitting down, it is easy to see inside. It's tempting for a little kid to look in.)
    4. Open-bag problem again (I sometimes set my purse in the passenger seat... if the guy in front of me brakes suddenly, it has happened that my purse has tipped all the way over and my things fall out. Again, not a big deal, but something to think about)
    5. Takes up room. (Not an issue for me, but the artsy has lots of FORM, which means that if you are out eating dinner or something, the bag kindof needs it's own spot to sit! Whereas for the galliera, it is flatter/thinner in shape and you could manage to sit next to it. My artsy takes just as much sitting room as I do. Maybe something to consider, especially if you have kids. I have never hung my artsy over a chair. It's impossible to set it behind you comfortably either. It would take up almost the whole chair. With previous bags, some were as big as the artsy, but would "lie down" which would make the purse desirable to carry on the lap. The artsy sitting on my lap makes me feel like there is a child on my lap or something, whereas other bags would feel like... a small puppy in comparison.)

    I tried to think of all the things that posed problems for me with this purse that I never experienced with the many other bags I have owned. Things that I think maybe a person who doesn't own it may think are problems.

    I do not own the galliera, but I would imagine that the strap is much more comfortable. But I wouldn't like it because I am a very organized person and in general, I just like the way the artsy looks!

    If you don't need all the different pockets, I think the galliera would be great to have too. It's all about functionality and what works for you. Just because a lot of people like the artsy, doesn't mean that you can't like the galliera more! I love my artsy and would recommend it, but I can see exactly why it's not the purse for everyone.

    Pick what's right for you!
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  3. Agree 1000% with this comment! Wish LV would do away with the metal plaque on all thier bags!
  4. I didn't like the handle or the way the width of the bag looked on me. I sold it & bought a Delightful, haven't regretted it once!
  5. I sold my Gal GM also and bought Mono Artsy MM. I LOVE it!!! I'm thinking about getting Artsy MM in Azur. Get'll LOVE her!!!
  6. Not at all! I love the Artsy so much that I bought her, sold her, then bought her again! Its a great bag that looks beautiful and I just love the pockets inside. The gorgeous strap is another plus and once it breaks in, it feels fine!
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  7. I have Empreinte Artsy and that bag is one of my favorite LV's. I'm not sure I'd be so in love with the mono Artsy though.. I've only had my bag for a couple of months but no regrets so far and I don't think I'll ever regret this purchase. I also own Galliera PM in mono and in azur. And I have to say I adore that bag as well. Galliera was my favorite design from LV but now I have to say I love my bags equally much. I do love the fact that my Empreinte Artsy is such a worry free bag because it's all leather.
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  9. No regrets at all.. I have my Mono Artsy for almost a year now and I still love it! It's a gorgeous bag..:smile:
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  10. I love, love, love my Artsy! I was at Starbucks today and had a woman ask me if I liked my bag. I told her I LOVED it! She said it was on her wishlist and couldn't wait to get it.
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  11. Vivlicious - Thank you for your fantastic input!!!!! Just what I was wanting to know! I have been trying to decide between the Artsy and the Estrela. The Estrela because of the zip top. After reading your post, I am more inclined to get the Estrela. It's just that the Artsy is sooooooo cute. If only it had a zip top - it would be perfection. Thanks again for your valuable info!!!!!
  12. I adore my Artsy. :heart:
    I think its the most unique bag I have ever owned.
    I love how it feels, how it looks, how it carries.
    I for one never had a problem w/ the handle.
    I prefer to wear mine in between my wrist and elbow.

    My first LV was a preloved Luco
    And my first NEW LV was to be the Speedy...
    but I fell head over heals in love w/ the Artsy.
    She was so different. So unlike any bag I had ever owned in my life (I am 45.)
    So I bought her and never regretted my decision. Not even once.
    At first I freaked out over the light colored leather because I live in the rainy northwest.
    But eventually I just was like, whatever. And the rain drops dry and you can't even see it.
    When I went into LV last week to pick up my Rayure Neverfull for spring, My SA said, "WOW look at your Artsy!!! It looks exactly the same as the day you bought it." And I have used it every day non-stop (except for when I go to the beauty shop, I take something less valuable incase hair tint splattered or you just never know!)

    The Artsy also looks really good w/ a scarf tied on it because of the nice length it has.
    I just love it.
    But you can't take anyones words on it.
    You gotta go in... touch it, feel it, carry it. Look in the mirror.
    We all have different likes and tastes. :smile:

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  13. I don't regret getting my Artsy Mono at all. I had the Galleria GM and sold it. It just look ordinary to me. "Bunnches" bought the Artsy...returned it...couldn't get my mine off it so purchased it again. Bought the Empriente in Purple but sold it. I don't like all that brassey looking gold on my bags. It looks cheap to me. I can deal with it on Mono.
  14. I LVOE my Artsy. I used me Neverfull exclusively for 4 years until I got my Artsy.
  15. i am in love with my Artsy. DH has to force me to switch out for my other LV bags because I want to carry it so much! LOL I carry it on my shoulder and arm, but I prefer my shoulder. The SA actually told me that they were told to sell it as a handheld bag so he was surprised when I told him I liked it on my shoulder!