Anyone regret getting the Artsy MM?

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  1. For those of you that have it for 6+ months, anyone regret getting it?
  2. No regrets. I think the Artsy is my favorite mono bag.
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  3. Can you carry it in your hand comfortably?
  4. It's great handheld or on the crook of the arm and shoulder too. I like it best on the crook of the arm.
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  5. No way!!
  6. I adore mine. no regrets here!
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  7. no regrets at all..i so love my artsy mm!
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  8. yes :sad: i bought it when it came out and havent worn it once..just feel out of love with it
  9. It's my fav bag. I've only had it 4 months though.
  10. What do you use instead? I am thinking about getting the Artsy.
  11. why? May be you will change your mind after you use it, at least a few times. She shouldn't sit in the closet and get hated!

    Try her, she's beautiful!
  12. Great question. Does anyone have a galliera and an artsy. Which do you like more??
  13. My emp. Artsy would be my most favorite bag if it wasnt for the weight, but I definitely don't regret her. My Galliera wins for absolute favorite.
  14. I sold my Gal GM. Once I got the Artsy there was no comparison! I love the Artsy!
  15. I love my Artsy! Its beautiful and classy and well organized!
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