Anyone regret buying the Galliera PM yet?

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  1. Just wondering - mine should arrive in a couple of days and I've got a sudden case of the nervous bugs! Don't laugh - but style-wise it is a bit bigger and more "eye catching" a bag than I usually wear (size plus the ID plate), but I have been really drawn to it. I have convinced myself that I will get lots of use out of it - i need a big bag daily (mommy) and the hands free convenience of a shoulder bag. Just nervous about whether i will feel self-conscious about wearing the bag!

    Please reassure me, fellow:love::sweatdrop: tPF'ers!
  2. No worries you will love it! I don't own one but I saw it in the boutique. It's a great looking bag and will hold a ton of your essentials.
  3. I just got the GM yesturday..and I love it. No worries, its such a cute bag.:yes:
  4. I have had my PM for about a week and I don't regret it at all!
  5. No regrets here. I absolutely love this bag.
  6. I know how you feel. I just ordered one the other day. I should get it tomorrow. I am nervous about it too. Not only is this such an eye catching bag but it is the first LV for me. The closest LV store to where I live is 3 hours away so there are very few LV's around here. I have heard how eye catching this bag is and with the very few LV's around here it will be even more eye catching.
  7. I know! I know! That's why I'm taking comfort in our more experienced LV tPF'ers reassurances. We do have a LV boutique here and i did try the Galliera on and liked it. But at the time, I was going for something a little simpler and practical (the BH). Since then, I have to admit I can't stop thinking about the Galliera - even though I love my BH - so I went ahead and ordered on from elux to save on sales tax and time (getting away from the little one is hard sometimes!). I'm thinking we're going to really love the bag - but if not, there's always returns!:idea:
  8. I almost got the BH!! That was going to be my first purchase until I saw the Galliera! Then I changed my mind! I really do hope we love our bags, but yes if not then there is always returns!!
  9. Well, if you are looking for reassurance you have come to the right place. It is a gorgeous bag and you will love it!
  10. No regrets here! The more I wear my Galliera PM, the more I love it.
  11. I just bought the Galliera PM and love it. At first it look to be too big but once I tried it on and saw how light,comfortable it was and how it hugs the body I was sold. Its an eye catcher and why not? The BH IMHO is a bit too plain compared to this one and just about the same size too. Hope it works out for you :smile:
  12. I am really looking forward to it - I have only recently begun my LV obsession:love:, but I am quickly coming up to speed! I was a little shy at first about wearing an LV bag, but I'm loving it now. In fact, I just got the mini-lin croisette bag charm in rouge/pink to dress up my speedy and my BH. Feeling very happy about this (but my DH is beginning to suspect....)
  13. Mine arrived this morning and after all the hype about how huge it was, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a reasonable size. Not sure I am "feeling" it yet...maybe because I can't play with it at work. Love the interior (especially the lining and pockets...and it actually smells great!), so we will see how it goes. I think I just feel guilty about spending that much on a bag when I have spent so much already on the other items on my list. :shame:
  14. I got mine today and absolutely LOVE it - it has such a different look than my Speedy or my Multipli-cite. More casual with that hobo look, but at the same time more chic. I have 4 sons and it will be really practical too since it's a great shoulder fit. I am in Ohio and LV is not carried a lot around here, so it is definitely eye-catching! NO REGRETS!!
  15. Glad to know everyone so far LVoes it !!!