Anyone regret buying the Azur Speedy in 30 instead of 25?

  1. I am really confused as to which size to buy the Azur Speedy in. I love my Mono Speedy in 30, but not sure about Azur in 30 due to its lighter colors. However since I love my Mono in 30 I wonder if I should just stick with what I know.

    Has anyone one here bought the 30 but then exchanged it for the 25 (or wanted to)? On the other hand, has anyone gotten the 25 but regretted not getting the 30?

    TIA! (BTW, I am 5'8")
  2. At first I wished I had gotten the 25. But now that I've had it, I'm glad I kept my 30. I really think the smaller opening on the 25 would have annoyed me since I'm used to a 30 size.
  3. i am getting the 30. i had a 30 and worried it was too big but i know i love my reg damier 30 so i'm sure i'll get used to it.
  4. i was torn between the two, but i went w/30 b/c it fits my frame better, also it look more balanced than 25(too square), also i love the wider opeining of zipper.
  5. I don't have either but I'm contemplating a 25
  6. I love 25..suitable for I'm small...5'3"... Love my 25!!!! But I'm thinking of..getting well
  7. I'm on the petite side (5'2") and I LOVE the 30. The opening on the 25 is annoying, and truth be told I like big bags! LOL

    Go for the 30!
  8. I also have the Monogram Speedy 30 and find it a bit bulky for everyday, but good for work. I'm on the list for the Azur Speedy 25. Its good to have both sizes!
  9. I love the 25, had it and miss it. I think it' the perfect size for a cute bag.
  10. if you're 5'8 i say definitely get the 30. the azur looks great in either size, but i would get the 30
  11. Actually.......

    I had both now.......! I was thinking of getting 25 in azur since I already have 2 of speedy 30 in Damier Canvas and Mini Lin....but......the 30 really fits better for me....I carry a lot of things :yes:
  12. Thank you, I guess I am leaning towards the 30. :flowers: ....
  13. I have the 30 and I, too, was worried about it being too big. Now I find it to be the perfect size for my frame; I think the 25 would be too small for me. I'm 5'6 and have an average frame.
  14. You won't regret the 30!
  15. i dont' have either- but i'm planning on purchasing the 25- i tried on both, and i think that it looks better than the 30 in these colors.