Anyone REGRET accepting best offer?

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  1. Now, I can kick myself :shrugs:, I refused several best offer on several of my LVs last week.
    It wasn't much more than my set offered price so I counter offer and lost them all.

    Has anyone done this?
  2. I am doing my first Best Offer on fleabay and I am only getting really lowball offers. $200 offered for a listed $350 BIN. I was hoping to get at least $320 or something... oh well. To hell with this. I'm done after selling this bag!
  3. Actually the offer you received isn't as bad as some of the ones I get. BIN for 395.00, offering 50.00 and believe it or not some of them are mypoupette sellers offering this.

    The offers I now regret are like 100.00 - 150.00 lower than my BIN price but I guess I should have accepted it since I no longer use it and kind of needed to sell it to fund another one I bought. Oh well.
  4. I accepted one from a 1 FB Bidder who now states she found it cheaper and I imagine will be a NPB.
  5. I usually set it up to automatically decline lowball offers. I also set it to accept really good offers. So when I do get an offer, I know its not a half bad one and if its just an "ok" offer, I sit on it for about 12 hours or so and usually a better offer comes along or even a BIN. Its FUN lol.
  6. eBay is such a crap shoot - but that's what can make it fun. You can lose buying on an auction only to get the same item at a lower price on the next auction. Or your item doesn't sell and then you get a better price than you thought the next time. Some regrets but it tends to all work out in the end.
  7. I was about to accept a best offer on last week for something I sold...they offered $100 but because eBay had that system problem where emails weren't going through, I got it too late and someone had already bid. It's a good thing I didn't accept though because it ended on Thursday and ended up going for about $150. Oddly enough, it was the person who made the offer who won if only she'll contact me or pay me, I'll feel better.
  8. I don't do auto decline, just so I can make counteroffers (and also to see what people think it's worth). I've had pretty good luck with Best Offer, both buying and selling. When selling, I have a price in mind and usually set the BIN a bit higher so the offers will be in my price range. A couple of times I have declined a best offers and maybe had to relist, but I have always ended up with a decent offer in the end.

    Also, best offer gives you the opportunity to pick and chose your buyers. I might accept a slightly lower offer from a buyer with higher feedback than from someone who has a sketchy feedback record. ;)
  9. fantastic_3, i hope someone offers you a good price for your LV!

    i don't sell anything expensive like designer bags, but it really gets on my nerves when i get lowball offers. once i got a best offer that was half of what i was asking for, plus the buyer expected free shipping because she was "local"! it was a very heavy item that cost a lot to ship too.
  10. I like the Best Offer feature as a buyer. It makes eBay all the more fun.
  11. I am doing Best Offer for the first time on 2 of my items, and I LOVE it! The automatic reply helps a ton... already had one bid under and I think the buyer was a little taken back that it was declined so fast, so she bid again... this time $245 higher!! I countered.
  12. as a buyer i think the best offer function is awesome, and i only make what i think are reasonable, respectable offers. i've only used this option once as a seller and received some atrociously low offers, but then a lovely buyer came along and i got rid of the bag i was selling (at that point i was willing to let it go for peanuts, i was so fed up!).
  13. What a good idea that is to leave the best offer open to counter offer. I get quite annoyed with really low ball offers like with BIN 395.00 and bidders offering 50.00 so I put an auto decline with a certain amount, but I guess I should counter offer to them anyways.

    What really annoyed during my last auctions were bidders waiting until the last 2 minutes to give me offers. I usually would accept offers at that time but they were all bidders with 0 fb which doesn't give me any time to check their bidding history.
  14. I purchased an item that was $365 BIN for $280... Would have never paid what BIN was asking