anyone regret a agenda, or vernis?

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  1. before I use my indigo agenda, I just want to make sure, were there any reasons that any of you regretted an agenda or in particular a vernis agenda?
  2. I have a vernis Pomme agenda. I have no regrets. She is also my wallet. I love looking at her everytime take her out.
  3. I use my Framboise every day. I love it! Do wish it held a little more but other than that LOVE it!!! I was a PDA user prior to this. Although it doesn't do the cool techy things that my PDA did I find it to be far easier to use with no need to back up, charge, etc.
  4. I have a small mono agenda that I don't love as much as my medium damier one. However, I do find uses for it. Since you have an indigo one, I think you should go ahead and use it. That is one gorgeous color!
  5. no regrets at all!
  6. Keep it you will love it. I don't have the Vernis but I do have the mono and I love mine.
  7. My first agenda was a small monogram groom one (in blue) that I had to return because the spine broke. I owned it for over a month when this happened. I now have a small damier agenda that is quite functional but I am getting bored with it. I'm considering a vernis agenda. The colors are beautiful....not boring at all. The indigo is to die for.
  8. I bought the framboise small ring agenda when the color first came out last year. I also used it as a wallet, in addition to my monogram canvas ludlow. The only problem I found with the agenda was that it was too small for me to write legibly in :Push: The inserts I bought were the day-a-page, hour by hour ones (hard to explain, I don't know the official name). You put a new insert in every quarter. I found the spaces to write in too small, and because the vernis was kinda stiff, I had to hold the credit card slot side of the agenda down while writing on the paper. It gave way slightly as I opened and closed it more, but I still found it annoying sometimes. I sold it a few months ago. It was a super cute accessory, though - vernis is always fun :nuts:

    I ended up buying an Hermes Ulysse agenda in chartreuse togo leather. Much softer, and it's larger than the LV agenda, so it's easier to write in, for me at least ;)

    Use your agenda! Indigo is a wonderful color, and you'll be happy every time you look at it :P
  9. No regrets. I have the framboise and I think it's cute but if they sold it in a bigger size, I would get that as it is a little hard to write in.
  10. I love my framboise agenda, was even thinking of getting the pomme one too.:shame:
    I don't think you will be sorry.
  11. I appreciate this thread. Sounds like the vernis is working out well?
    I've been lusting for a pomme agenda, but worried it may not hold up to well.
    I heard the vernis is sensentive and I've been concerned about scratching the leather.
  12. I've been contemplating an agenda as well to replace my cheap $7.00 school agenda LOL
  13. I'm dying for the framboise, they are all gone in Canada. There are a few other pieces in framboise and I love the colour, it is just stunning. I don't think I've ever even seen the indigo!
  14. Well see I can put your worries to bed, becuase I use my envelope plate or cles daily, its always with me and its better then new.
  15. I also have the Indigo Agenda. I love it. It holds up very well.