Anyone regret 2 love bracelets?

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  1. I’ve been debating another love bracelet for a while. I have a yellow gold plain and debating the 4 diamond rose gold.

    For the money I know I can get 64733 other things and I can’t seem to commit to anything.
  2. I've been there... the best thing I've ever done was to pace myself early on. When I was very young, I purchased the LOVE bracelet to represent a feeling and experience of the time and mark the occasion and thought that I wouldn't ever need anything else (like the Beatles song 'All you need is love'). A decade or so later, I contemplated another LOVE bracelet because nothing moved me and I loved the LOVE bracelet so much. I decided to just enjoy my LOVE bracelet for a while. Then investments became better, my thoughts were more clearer, and had many experiences that represented the 'wild' side of love and I purchased the JUC to represent and mark that. Then I added Yurman, Tiffany T Block, Bulgari, Hermes and VCA and now I don't have any room left for another LOVE bracelet or anything else. I am so glad that I stuck with one LOVE bracelet. Bottom line... styles change and sometimes we change... you might like the two LOVE bracelets today and forever... or you might not. You will know what to do... if you don't know already.
  3. I started with one and in about 6 months decided I wanted a second one. Now at 2 years in, I'm considering a third!

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  4. I did. I bought a rose gold love and about 1.5 years later added a yellow gold one and JUC. I wore them all together for about a month. It was a lot $$$$ in one arm, then I noticed the yellow love screw coming lose all the time, I think it was all the banging. SO I removed the yellow and kept using the RG and Juc. Sometimes I would alternate between the YG and RG love. Eventually I sold the Yellow and put the money in a rolex. I love my my current stack of JUC and RG JUC
  5. I'm so in your shoes right now! Nowadays I've been shopping for other jewellery brands and I inadvertently compare them to another love bracelet. For the price of another WG 4 diamonds I could buy so many other choices. But none seem as ideal as another love bracelet. So I'm still in a dilemma hahaha. I'm also worried about a second bracelet scratching each other as I love my jewellery to be shiny and sparkly.
    Would love to hear what you decide on!
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