Anyone recommend anything for uneven-ness?

  1. I'm really starting to hate my skin...i used to have great skin. Color was little thing. Ever since college my skin color has been uneven in certain spots, i have sun spots around my eyes, i have a few of those tiny bumps on my skin that you can only see under bright light, and i have like acne scars. I'm starting to get really annoyed because nothing seems to work. I've tried the aspirin masks for like a month now...even tho my face sometimes will look better - it just goes back to BLAH.

    A few years back i went with my mom to some beauty place and she was considering this mask or laser thing which basically makes ur face red for like 2-3 months, but after that its as if ur face got a completely new start. I WANT THAT! Does anyone know of anything like that? Or at least know of any medication/shots that have worked?
  2. i've heard amazing things about using nature bisse's glyco peeling 50% over a period of 6 weeks to even out your skin-tone


    you can find reviews of it on and there a lot of in-depth experiences with this product posted that you may find helpful :tup:. i received a sample of it from Neiman Marcus and used it for a bit and really liked it, but didn't keep at it as my skin has been behaving itself pretty well.
  3. ^thanks! I think this is along of what i'm looking for.
  4. Sounds like some of your pores may be a little clogged...causing the tiny bumps. Go in for facials on a regular basis and exfoliate normally too.
  5. Try Neutrogena home dermabrasion. I am getting great results and it has only been 6 nights using it.