Anyone recommend an authentic ebayer of Chanel

  1. Chanel bags

    I don't have a Chanel boutique near me so does anyone know of an authentic ebayer selling Chanels??? Any help greatly appreciated. It is crazy but buying a chanel is consuming my every waking moment just now!
  2. your best bet is to find the bag{s} you like and post them in the authenticity sticky at the top ;)
  3. secret_shopaholic,
    My all time favourite - personalshopper on eBay. She sells the latest IT bags from time to time. Most of the time, she only has a piece of a particular model, and that's it. Very reasonable prices as well. Nice lady. She is always prompt with her email replies.
  4. personalshopper and senorjayme

    they both usually have brand new bags with tags, so never used, thats why they are so close to retail price
  5. I think personal shopper is very expensive (huge markup)... here are a couple more for you:
    (SOME of these are a little more expensive than Chanel boutiques, but they are just making their fees back I think & they only sell authentic merchandise)



  6. thanks so much guys - I will go and have a look just now
  7. If you have the time, I posted a list of authentic sellers in the authenticity sticky. You just kinda have to search for them
  8. :yahoo: Thanks SO much for the complement! 'Tis true...all authentic or 100% money back guarantee...INSTANTLY! I wouldn't carry a I sure as hell won't sell one! If you have any questions just ask me through eBay!!! Kristy:yahoo: :wlae: :wlae:
  9. Thanks for the info.
  10. all 3 are members here ;)
  11. Cheers everyone - I have had a look at all 3 and added them to my favourite sellers as they don't have what I am currently looking for (2.55 classic in black leather) but you never know so I have added them on to see if anything comes up.

    Cheers again you are all so helpful.
  12. Saks NYC has the 225 in the 2.55 in black w/ that dark silver hardware - call Alex 212-940-4347 - she can do a charge/send & she'll send it out Thursday so you get a gift card w/ purchase for 175 dollars!!

  13. HI Jap

    I am in the UK and they don't ship to the UK so I am really restricted... Oh how I wish I lived in the US!!! Thanks for letting me know anyway - every little helps.
  14. page 30 of the sticky :smile:
  15. Yes, I agree. personalshopper only sells authentic bags (BNWT). I have bought from her before. Excellent eBay. Very fast delivery too. No personal experience with senorjayme, so no comments there.