Anyone recomend a good central Hotel in Paris

  1. Hi there

    Just looking to organise a spontaneous wee trip to Paris in the next couple of weeks and planning on getting Eurotunnel over and staying over one night.

    Would love to get ideas for a great hotel - not a bank busting one though as want to save my cash for more important things - like CHANEL! hee hee

    Would love somewhere central so would love to hear your hints and tips for decent hotel decent priced and decent location

    Thanks gals! I have never been so its all new to me!
  2. I am really sorry to disappoint you but there are no good hotels in Paris as long as you don't go for the five star ones. I have been in 1-4 star hotels since I often have to go on business trips to Europe - and what you get is embarassing. The furniture is old and worn out, it's dirty and the staff is unfriendly.
    What I now go for is the small chains (like ibis or similar) they are at least clean - or: the youth hostels. I am not kidding, but the people there are friendly, they also have rooms for 2 people and you don't feel fooled for the amount of money you pay for the night. I can especially recommend one youth hostel that is actually a castle -it's so beautiful, you can sit on the terrace - having croissant and café - but I think for just shopping in the city it's too far outside of the centre.
    What I can also recommend in case you absolutely refuse to consider the youth hostel option: it's a hotel search engine that has offers for all major european cities...
    Anyways, have fun in Paris - the city itself is one of my favs :heart: - but I have to admit I am half french so maybe that's why...Many people consider the citizens as way too snobby - but I still love it :love:
  3. JILLYBEAN AND I stayed at LE MERIDIENNE MONTPARNESSE....It was a really nice hotel and a great price too.....We especially liked the area around it..PLUS its across the street from the train station which is VERY convenient
  4. oh that sounds nice ... could you pm me any more details? I have a soft spot for castles