Anyone Recognize This?

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  1. I was just messing around on Google for pictures of COACH purses and this came up -


    Is it real (the C's are aligned), does anyone recognize it? What year/season it's from? I really like the style and color!
  2. It sure is cute! I've never seen it before though... I hope someone knows! Lol
  3. Hmmm.... I checked some of my old catalogs and it's the Coach Signature Satchel, #6097. Retailed for $268. Looks like it's maybe from Fall 2001.

  4. ^ Thank you maxie! Oh my goodness, I love it :heart:3 I wish I had been into COACH back in 2001, lol!
  5. ^No problem! Glad to help.
  6. Wow catalogs from 2001!!! You are really a coach lover!!!!!:lol:
  7. I really like that red, cute! But the drilldown for 6097 shows a leather coach hangtag, not a metal one. Might be a fake?
  8. ^ Possible, I just found this picture on a Google images search (not eBay). At least we know a real version exists though, and its cute!
  9. I have this bag -- bought it on eBay last year -- and it's great. I can't remember if the tag is leather or metal, though, so I'll have to check sometime.
  10. That's really cute! I'm such a sucker for red.

    (PS - abandonedimages - you don't want to start browsing through the web archive of old pages because it'll break your heart seeing all the great styles from past seasons that you missed out on :cry: ).
  11. ^ OMG, now I have to! LOL Heartache here I come :cry:

  12. Yeah, I *ahem* actually have some that are older than 2001, if you can believe that. I started out keeping them to use as a guide for when I look for Coach stuff on ebay. I still do that, but now I just like to keep them. :biggrin: You don't even want to know how much Coach stuff I've amassed over the years. Between my mom and me buying, it's become quite the collection.
  13. I thought that I was the only one that kept old Coach catalogs. I remember when they were a lot larger. I also like to keep them as a reference guide. I am not sure if the purse is authentic.
  14. There are archives on How do you get to them??
  15. I just found out about it a few days ago in another thread, here:

    It was Kezza who mentioned it:

    (Thanks for mentioning it, by the way, Kezza!!!! I'm loving browsing through it)
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