Anyone recognize this vintage wallet?

  1. I have a vintage (or just old!) LV wallet. I am new to LV, and wondering if anyone knows the name of this piece and the time frame in whichi t was produced.

    My guess is that it was part of the French Company, as the leather looks like what was used for that line, but I'm not sure. I don't believe that there is a date code on this, or at least I can't find it.

    There is the Lousi Vuitton stamp inside, but it's worn and hard to read. Underneath the Louis Vuitton, there is a word that looks like "Maheher", but I'm not sure.

    Measurements are 7 inches long, 4 inches high.

    I've attached pictures. Any ideas?
    wallet1.jpg wallet2.jpg wallet3.jpg wallet4.jpg
  2. The word is most likely "Malletier". I don't know much about vintage LV wallets, but I am pretty sure about the word "Malletier".

    ETA: "Malletier" means "trunk maker".
  3. frnech.jpg french wa.jpg
  4. I looked at that and I think that they are close, but as you said, the size is different. Mine is about the length of a checkbook. Also, mine has a zippered compartment, and 6 credit card slots (the french purse has four).

    Perhaps I have an earlier version of the French Purse...?
  5. ck21: What about the slots of credit card? Does yours have opening that's to the right side like the pictures? or to the left like the French wallet?
  6. There is no opening to the right or to the lefto f the credit card slots.

    Instead, there is a slot just above the credit card slots (so currency could essentially go behind the credit cards) and just above that slot is a zipper.
  7. Oh my gosh........I HAVE that wallet!! I got it with my very first Louis about 25 years ago and you would not believe how good it still looks! I just recently found it when we moved and I unpacked a box that had not been touched in years. giselle
  8. Thanks, Giselle! That gives me a rough idea of when it was produced.

    I found it at a consignment store and loved it more than any of the current LV wallets, so it had to come home with me.

    I could tell by the feel and some of the details that it was authentic, but was hoping to find a little of the history. The fact that it is probably 20+ years old makes me like it more!!
  9. Hi CK,

    I went back and really gave it some thought and it IS in the range of 25-30 yrs. ago. That is an amazing find for you, how wonderful!! I am going to get some Appleguard and polish mine up. Mine is not even frayed after all these years and heavy use for at least 15 yrs!! (then packed away)

    Did you get a good deal (not asking price) just wondering if they knew what they had. I am so happy to have found mine! Now I am looking for the box with my Speedy of that same time frame! Exciting!

    Let me know how you like it! giselle
  10. you really found a beauty..that is in immaculate condition!! Jeez, why can't I ever find good stuff like that?!
  11. Yes, I think I got a good deal. $128 and it's in very good condition. There is wear on the corners, and some discoloration on the metal closure, but that's not bad for the age and price.
    It really just needed a good cleaning--it didn't look as good in the store, but the appleguard conditioner followed by the shining monkey spray did the trick!
  12. Ohh, my mom has this wallet tucked away in a drawer. Can't help with the name, but Continental Clutch sounds right. We figure it was bought about 12 years ago. The things she liked most were the click sound of the change section, ample space for credit cards, and that she could fit her American bills in it without folding them (unlike the French Purse--does not seem long enough).