Anyone received their Kale bags from ArtofShop sale last week?

  1. What did you get and what do you think? Am waiting on mine to be delivered.! Do share...
  2. I got my bag today, but it was the wrong bag!! I ordered the regular size Tate in Pistachio and they sent me the GRANDE. The dustbag that came w/ it doesn't even fit the GRANDE. I just sent them an email letting them know and that I would need to exchange it for the right one. I hope they get back to me asap. On their site, it says their store is closed.
  3. ^^Did they have both sizes of the tate in pistachio? I think all the colors they were selling were older colors that would be kind of hard to find.

    I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted!
  4. I got both of mine, Palmer in peacock and Maverick in Lawn.
    Palmer: To. Die. For. The leather is soft and smells wonderful..and the fuschia suede lining is fabulous. What a great bag, just the right size.
    Maverick: Ginormous! I didn't realize it was so huge, it cannot be used as an everyday handbag, but it will make a great overnight/travel/carry on bag. I have sent email to see if it can be returned, but if not, that's ok, I'll use it for travel. Again the leather is fabulous, but this bigger bag doesn't have that fab suede lining - it's got a simple canvas-y lining.
    Overall very pleased with the bags AND the service from Art of Shop.

  5. Yes they did have 2 sizes but they sent me the wrong one. I ordered the regular size Tate. The Grande is beyond big. It looks ridiculous on I can fit in it! I would keep it if it wasn't so big, plus the dustbag that came w/ it is also the wrong size. I still haven't heard from them. I'm a bit annoyed!
  6. I'm glad you got your bag Diamondgirl. BabyK can I see a picture of you in the bag:nuts:? Just kidding....

    I hope that you get a response soon. I know that the Kale people are very helpful. Maybe if you have a hard time with Artofshop then you should tell Kale. I'm sure they wouldn't want their reputation sullied by a company with poor service.
  7. Thanks joeyjimmy, I just emailed Melinda at Kale. She was very helpful last time and very sweet, so I'm hoping she will help me this time. The bag really is way too big for me to keep. Haha, I would take a pic of me in it, but I'm a bit claustrophobic :p
  8. BabyK, I am sure they will make it right...if for some chance no response, the shop opens back up 1st week of August..know you want it fixed now, but just in case they don't answer...

  9. Oooh. Can you post pics DG? :graucho:
  10. They responded! Whew! Right after I emailed Melinda at Kale, I got a response back from Art of Shopping. They said they will take care of it and apologized and will pay for the shipping.
  11. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I'm so glad that they responded! Post pics when you get your new bag!