Anyone ready for the ss13 swatches?

  1. Beaux, that may also be because you have such a gorgeous collection of bags already. You have your red, your brown, your green ... KWIM? :graucho:

    But I'm with you, it's got a lot to do with styles, leather etc as well though, not simply because of the colours. There have been some beautiful colours I think, and if I didn't have such a nice collection of bags already and if the leather was still more consistent and like the old chevre, I might be interested. :cool:
  2. You are 100% right. You have such a lovely collection too (we have a lot of overlap with styles we love). I pretty much found everything I was looking for ....okay maybe one or two bags I'd still like - but only in the right condition/price etc. I carry a Bal everyday and am very content with what I have. It is nice to see prices drop a bit - I've picked up a couple things that were fair priced - it seems like there was a time when oldies prices were out of hand. Those oldies were really something though. I wish I could go back in time and buy every bag from 2004. Sigh.
  3. is Bleu acier more blue or more grey ? I hope that more grey and then with Rosegold HW :woohoo:
  4. Oh I'm so with you on the going back in time bit. I'd pick up an 08 grey moto jacket on the way too. :p

  5. Actually, Tangerine does look yummy! I need to get myself one of those in weekender style! Bal hasn't rolled out a lot of orange shades~ Orange brûlée is too brown to be considered Orange lols
  6. Semi newbie question (I own one Bal) so don't smack me If it's a dumb one! :smile: Does Bal make all their bags in all these colors, or are only select colors made for certain bags? I'm a big Day lover and am wanting to get another one but in the red family...I'm liking the Rose Bonbon!! :smile:
  7. Most styles are usually available in all colors, but Maxi Twiggy for example is hard to find in the US Bal boutiques. I love Day style myself but found that recently Day bags are only available from the online Bal site, Bal boutiques do not carry them anymore. You can get some rare styles from HGBags or other stores that carry Bals, like Gretta Luxe, NM, Barneys, etc.
  8. Nothing really caught my eye.

    Which also brings a question to my mind. What are the kind of colors wld u want if you were tasked to put the season together? :smile:
  9. Bright, Bold, Chirpy Colours for S/S! More neutrals and Muted Colours for F/W! But I'm mostly in Hot Humid weather SG/Malaysia so what do I know? ;)

    But really, I would be excited to see Granny Smith Apple greens, Turquoises and Bubblegum Purple :smile:
  10. Thank you!!
  11. CEEJAY,
    well I have the LE lime green and it is not as bright as apple green at all - and I also have amethyst but only in a Pompon - wish I had it in other styles. Oh -yes - and anis repeat would be fantastic!
  12. I know .. I remember the Lime Green as being A LOT lighter than the original.

    Sometimes I wonder if Bal can't repeat the original color & saturation because of the Agneau vs the Chèvre?!?!
  13. So, got an up close & personal view of the F/W colors (will preface that this Imo):
    1. Mangue - nope, not like Jaune - sorry (I wish it was close, but no cigar)!!!
    2. Cassis - wow; major disappointment!! Yes, Burgundy, but kinda dull IMO.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Cumin .. which is the color I really want to see! Still on the lookout for that!!!
  14. Very helpful: thanks, CeeJay:smile:

    I like the idea of Cumin - like a warm-toned version of the ambiguous, sludgy Vert Menthe. Looking forward to your review, CeeJay.
  15. Interesting; thanks for the info!

    I wonder if people will risk Blue Acier, after all the reported problems with the other light blue shades fading or yellowing?

    Personally I'm waiting - in vain it seems - for more light aqua shades, like Maldives & Papeete....