Anyone ready for the ss13 swatches?

  1. This is SOP; pretty much as soon as the current season bags start hitting the floor, the colors for the next season are "announced". I'm kinda bummed that my thunder was stolen! :roflmfao:
  2. Blue Acier remind me of 09 Ciel. It's the only one that catch my eyes
  3. :true::sleepy:
  4. Another season where nothing interests me (thank goodness!).
  5. LOL CeeJay! :roflmfao: Don't worry their is always the F/W 2013 season!

    They do it's almost hard to distinguish them.

    No it's not just you, I now you can only do so much with different shades of colors but it doesn't even seem like they are trying anymore. At least I can look forward to saving money that season!

    It looks blue too me, I'm guessing it might be similar to BL where it photographs blue but is purple IRL.
  6. My thoughts exactly. I said so in the Chat Room. They look like bbags from the past with different names.:tdown:
  7. When I first saw the colors I thought 'I already have them' which is good for my wallet. It was very disappointing though as I hoped for something different this time. However, it might be good for those who have missed a few colors in the past.
  8. I'd like a few of those colors as Bal jackets :graucho:
  9. Does mauve looks like a cross between bleu lavande and glycine?....I'm really excited, I have both colours but I wonder how it compares to seems maybe a bit darker and also has a hint of nuage
  10. I was thinking mauve looked like a darker nuage.

    I wish they would come out with a really bright magenta or apple green - now those are the repeats I want!
  11. i totally agree:tdown::tdown: I'm dying for a magenta/amethyst or apple green twin to come out
  12. lol i just posted this! me too!!!!! i want a pop color!!
  13. omg........i literally have been waiting for way too long for these. what is the deal, MAKE THEM BALENCIAGA!!!! pretty please.
  14. Bright Magenta was done .. remember Amethyst & Cyclamen? They did the limited edition Lime Green a few years back, but YEAH - another Apple Green would be great!!! I would love to see another Anis; they've never really replicated that color (I think "Granny" was supposed to be the replacement - but no cigar on that one!!!).
  15. liking blue mineral, mauve (looks like BL on my screen too), and curry so far, but we'll see how they look IRL.