Anyone ready for Another Celine Reveal??

  1. looks stunning, what material is that in?
  2. This bag is drummed leather ( pebble)
  3. So pretty :smile: Congrats
  4. Love love love this color!
  5. Thank you so much!
  6. How rare is this colour~~~amazing!!!
    with the durable leather, AAAAAAAAAA !
  7. OMG Beautiful bag! And Doris is the best.
  8. Yes she is, I'll be glad when they open their new store right now they are closed! Were you able to get one too from her?
  9. They have reopened! Not at Bal Harbor, but in the Miami design district. I got an email and a card announcing the new store about a week ago,
  10. wow that is such a great color! she looks so good on you
  11. Yes I did!!! I got 2, the micro and the croc stamped Trapeze
  12. Love love love that color!
  13. Thank you!!
    Does anyone know if thru will be doing a similar color in this bag? I had heard that Celine had such success they will be doing the bright colors again, I hope so since I missed out on the fluro pink color Mini!! :sad:
  14. congrats!! lovely,gorgeous, stunning!!! celine :urock:
  15. :love::cloud9::heart: