Anyone Reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth?

  1. Just started it and I'm all signed up for Oprah's class...

    Anyone else?
  2. What is Oprah's class? Is it a book club? I might be interested!
  3. How's the read so far Tabby?
  4. Deep...and very interesting, so glad there will be a class to help me through it. I read the Power of Now by the same author and I understand everything he is saying, but find it SOO very difficult to practice. I get 'hooked' by all the things he says not to... which is why I haven't reached that level of happiness (which I call inner peace, b/c I think there are different levels of happiness) he describes. Hopefully I'll get there one day, it sounds wonderful :tup:

    I'm still a work in progress ;)
  5. I am reading it too and have joined the class. The first paragraph is deep.
    You know, I think it would be very difficult for a young person to practice this.

    Now that I am a little older, I find it interesting and am looking foreward to the class. I'm thinking one of the secrets is something we all learned in Kindergarten. The "Do unto others thing..
  6. I don't watch Oprah often and hadn't heard of this book, but I did read The Power of Now, very life changing. I may have to check this one out also.
  7. Class starts on Monday :tup:
  8. my mom is signing up for the class and reading the book. i'll probably read it after she's done.
  9. I started the book and felt like I was missing a piece, so I went out and purchased The Power of Now. I am amazed at how many things in life I have never enjoyed becuase I either was so concerned for what would come next or what had happened. I do find it difficult to practice living in the moment. Very inspiring.
  10. I would love to read this book but I don't think I'll have time. My on line college classes started this week.

    I might pick it up this weekend. But I'm afraid I'll get lost in it and neglect my college classes.
  11. Yes! I just started it so that I can be ready for oprah's class next week:smile: Maybe we should keep a thread for the course? I think it's amazing and that I can really learn a lot from it.
  12. yes I am, we started a little book club for it for march 14. I think I will do the oprah one as well!
  13. i'm on the fence about this one..i feel totally inspired by Oprah on the show, but i read the reviews of the book online..and it didn't seem like it was all that..?

    I'll probably log onto the class just to see what it's like..