anyone reading "50 shades of grey" trilogy?

  1. Yep, it is a trilogy. It may be oversimplifying things to say it is a about an abusive relationship. There are many mitigating circumstances in the story that explains behavior that appears abusive. I have not read the last one yet, but everything so far between the couple has been consensual.

    I will warn you that the writing is not that great and the books could really have used a good editor. But somehow the story is compelling in spite of that.
  2. I'll have a read then :biggrin: sometimes if the story is strong enough then you can close an eye on how it's written, can happen the other way around as well. If a book is really well written then you can overlook the plot!

    I'll all let you know when I buy the book, I've seen it at waterstone's for like £5.99 :biggrin:
  3. It's not an abusive relationship. It's SMBD, light on the SM.

    I started reading them again because I really was sucked in by their relationship. I read them so fast the first time that I am noticing so many things I don't recall from reading them only two weeks or so ago.
  4. Any news about the movie?
  5. Just finished the first...might break down and get number 2 on my kindle since my sis isn't done with it yet.
  6. haha had a customer coming in the shop yesterday and she was waiting by the changing rooms and she was reading 50 shades darker... so I asked her how's the book :p
    she said it was amazing, she read it 3 times..then she went more into details saying it's not a womens book and that it's about a woman who meets a man who's into kinky sex...then after that she started saying words like: KINKY **** and that she loved the man in the book...
    btw this woman was about 45 waiting for her 6 years old kid to get changed! o_o ahah
  7. i am so mad. i finished the 2nd book here on holiday, and i went to get the 3rd book. apparently its all sold out in HK and they don't know when they will get it back in :censor: now i am left here hanging and waiting till i get back to syd to get my hands on the 3rd:smash:
  8. Thanks for posting that. You know my first thought was that this fan-made video was probably done with more attention and care than the actual movie will receive.

    I distrust Hollywood's ability to adapt books into successful movies that much! :biggrin:
  9. I finally bought the entire trilogy for my iPad. I figured I might as well make one purchase and be done with it. It was $29.99 for one download of the trilogy (no need for 3 separate downloads).
  10. Wow...that was surprisingly good! :smile:
  11. ^^I thought so too, although I would have never guessed Alexis Bledel as Ana. She is kind of innocent, I like it. My question in the back of my mind from the get go is do you think they'll dye whoever plays Christian's hair to the "copper color" they keep referencing in the book? Quite honestly I like the TDH guy much more ;)
  12. wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good
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    This book, while trying to portray a D/s relationship, falls flat on it's face. This isn't what BDSM is like in the least bit. It's a complete unsafe perversion of BDSM, not to mention dangerous. There are so many red flags throughout the entire novel and I would have to say that their relationship IS abusive and a disgrace to the entire world of kink. Lord help anyone in a D/s relationship like the two in this book...

    I legitimately cannot believe that this thread is as big as it is. Not only was the book poorly written, but also offensive to an entire sub-culture. But ok.