anyone reading "50 shades of grey" trilogy?

  1. Half way through the first book right now. I am enjoying it.
  2. I have them in PDF if you'd like me to send them to you? (just PM me your email addy)
  3. I started reading the fanfic this is based on. It was so, so horribly written, it was beyond description! I didn't even get to the sex parts (and that doesn't bother me on principle, so I wouldn't necessarily take issue with that at all...)

    I felt like a third grader wrote it. I couldn't get the voice of a preteen girl out of my head the entire time. I was trying to find out how much was 'revised' (ie: get an editor, more like a ghost writer, in there to make sure it reads like something nearing a professional level) and I was so shocked to discover that they barely touched it! I cannot imagine anything worse than reading about graphic sex and imagining a third grader sitting there writing it. That concept scares me beyond words.
  4. K my friend said these books were awesome so I bought the first one for my kindle after reading the sample let me tell u I bought that book at 430 couldn't put it down stayed up til 1130 finishing it. Yea the writing didn't bother me cause the story just held my attention. Very few books am i like omg I can't put it down but this one was great so I will b getting 2 and 3 very excited!!
  5. Not reading it and not planning on it. It's not the sex or the graphic nature of it. I have a bigger issue with the portrayal of gender roles in a relationship. Kinda like my issue with Twilight.
  6. That's really interesting, I had no idea. Not sure if the backstory compels me to read it more, or less. I'm so naive, I had no idea there was Twilight erotica.

    I did download the first "Shades of Grey", but it's in my "later" stash.
  7. I just started reading it.
  8. I hate to say this but...if you were imagining a third grader sitting and writing a graphic sex novel, that's really scary. (I don't think you meant it like that. After all, I've seen you on here for years!).

    Anyway from what I've read, the books have been edited. I thought they were quite good for what they were. I enjoyed them.
  9. Oh would you mind sending it to me? I've been trying to find hardcopies without success. I'll pm you..
  10. thanks, that's very sweet of you to offer! but I'm a weirdo who loves having a hard copy book in my hands. luckily tomorrow I should be able to get one, if not I'll take you up on your offer and go to kinkos to print it all out :p
  11. Loved it read all 3 books once you get passed the sex it's truly a love story I enjoyed it.

  12. I read a passage from the book online, and it's laughably bad. I like how people are reading it & pretending it's not erotica.
  13. I love the Fifty Shades books, best I've read in a long time! I don't think I would have enjoyed it as Master of the Universe as I would have found the names Edward and Bella distracting and it is so different from Twilight. I read through all three in 2 days, I just could not stop. Now I'm going through the withdrawl that comes after a really good book/series. If this is an example of bad writing I'll take more please! :biggrin:

    I'm looking forward to the movie!
  14. PM'd you!
  15. Just finished the series! Loved them and am sad that we don't have book 4. I started skimming the sex scenes by book 3 though. A little too much for me