anyone reading "50 shades of grey" trilogy?

  1. thoughts?
  2. I really, really want to, but I don't own an e-reader and can't find a hard copy to save my life. the re-print issue is coming out on tuesday and I'm having a hard time being patient :pout:
  3. This set of novels started as Twilight fanfiction. It is very easy to find the original story online.
  4. I read them. I really liked them a lot. They are not the best written book or the best story line but the relationship between the 2 people got me hooked and I read all 3 in 4 days. It has a lot of sex and if that bothers you don't read it. I have started reading them again and I like it more then I thought.

    Some call it Twilight with sex. It did start out that way as fanfiction.
  5. I was going to start reading the first one tonight, but then decided to start Lover Reborn instead.
  6. i just started them this week. already half way through the 2nd book. highly addictive.
  7. I agree . Very addictive. I read an article that called the trilogy "mommy porn"! :graucho:
  8. Haha...I don't think I had any reading these...3 times. :p
  9. I was just thinking about posting this thread! I was looking for new books to read on my Kindle and it was on the bestsellers list on NYT, but I haven't purchased yet.
  10. Are there glittering vampires in this?
  11. No vampires, werewolf, witch, angel, supernaturals of any kind!
  12. Is it wrong to ask what it was called as a Fan fiction? I might have already read it. I do have the books ready to read but I really didn't know anything about them.
  13. It was called "Master of The Universe". The author of "Fifty Shades" was the author of the fanfic, which was written as Edward and Bella erotica, heavy on the BDSM theme. And it's really descriptive of BDSM lingo. I had no idea!

    If this theme is uncomfortable for you, then don't read it...seriously.

    The author changed it to non-Vampire and Christian/Ana for the book publication. Christian is more of a stalker than Edward and although Ana is smarter than Bella, she still has a lot of idiotic moments. You will definitely enjoy plenty of eye rolling moments.
  14. I stopped reading Twilight fan fiction a couple of years ago but slash and dom/sub was a heavy theme at the time.

    Ok, I'll give them a chance then :smile:
  15. I flipped through the 1st book to get a feel for it and if she wrote "oh, sh-t" or called the guy hot one more time, I was gonna lose it. I couldn't read any more after that. Terrible writing. The girl says "argh" during sex on more than one occasion. Um, what?