anyone read Twilight??

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  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone has read twilight by stephanie meyer(i thinks thats her name?) but i got it for christmas, and thought it would be kinda, well stupid, and thought i would never really read it, but... i started a few days ago and LOVE it. now im almost done, but i was a bit confused about somethings:confused1:, so anyone read it???
  2. I've read it! I thought it'd be a little too juvenile for my tastes, but I actually really like it. I can't wait for the next book to come out. They're amking a movie out of it too! What are you confused about?
  3. I read it last year because the cover caught my eye. :amuse: It's really cute.
  4. I've read it! And the ones after! I was on a "young adult" literature kick through the autumn. It was addictive!
  5. ^ me too.
  6. OMG!My daughter TAY read this series over and over.SHE LOVES IT!(She has mature tastes and is very good at picking authors.SHe reads a book a day!
    if u have any questions..she can answer them!LOL!seriously!
  7. I just bought the book! I can't wait to start reading it!
  8. Some of my friends, as well as me, read this book and loved it!! What are u confused about?
  9. ^LOL....Thats my daughter!
  10. I've read the series too! I think the first book was the best, but it's a great read! Can't wait for the movie!
  11. I loved this series and I'm WELL above the "young adult" that it's suggested for. I thought the best of the three was the last one "Eclipse"
  12. Ive read the first and half of the second one. Heres a story: So I read the book about two months after it comes out and Im thinking "Wow! This book is amazing!" and I tell my friends about it. Of course, my friends thought I was wierd for liking a book about vampires. Then a super popular girl read it and told people about it and BOOM. Its suddenly a huge thing at my school. Go figure! Sorry just wanted to let that out. :p Anyways, the movie is coming out in November. The person who plays Cedric Diggory in the 4th Harry Potter movie will be Edward!
  13. I have only read the first book, Twilight, but plan on reading the next 2 books. Overall an okay book. The plot was typical of a young adult novel, but stephenie meyer did a great job of giving Edward an amazing physical description. I was practically craving him after reading this novel.

    I cant wait for the movie though! Im interested to see the actor who plays cedric diggory as edward!
  14. k, sorry i didnt get back quicker. I was a bit confused about what exactly happens to edward when he gets in the sun. i know he get sparkly, but why? and all the sibling.. so was rosalie "made" for edawrd right? so is that why she dosent like bella? i dont know. oh and so what exactly happened to alice, and why she cant remember her human life. i know she was like the one who got away from that guy, but im just a little unclear about these few things.
  15. I've read the whole series, it is a great story and I've always loved vampire/werewolf lore :amuse:
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