Anyone Read "The Hunger Games" Trilogy?

  1. I love these books, I read all three of them in less than a week. I really liked the third book, but it was my least fave of the three. It felt rushed or the writing style was different or something. I can't wait to see who they cast for the movies.
  2. Comments on Jennifer Lawrence being cast as Katniss?
  3. I enjoyed these books quite a bit, but I really, really hated the epilogue.
  4. I love this series, too. I've never really liked post-apocalyptic books (or movies) but this one is really good.

    I'm not so sure about Jennifer Lawrence being Katniss, though. But the director said it was an easy decision for him to pick her so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    Can't wait to find out who they will cast as Peeta and Gale!

  5. ehh...I really liked the girl that was in the youtube vid...(Spoiler: Do not watch vid if you have not read book 1)
  6. i don't mind jennifer lawrence as katniss, but the choices for peeta and gale. wow, terrible would be an understatement. i guess we'll just have to wait for the movies and see, but i'm disappointed at the moment.
  7. Ditto - did the casting directors even read the books? Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth are nothing like Peeta & Gale, IMO. I'm very disappointed with their casting choices. Jennifer Lawrence wouldn't have been my pick for Katniss, but at least she's a great actress.

    I just don't see these choices working out... Similar to the way Nikki Reed is all wrong for the role of Rosalie in the Twilight saga (why didn't they just pick a blonde actress for her part?)
  8. Wer´nt they thininkg about Hunter Parrish from weeds? Would have liked him better....
  9. okay.. i had no idea who those guys were so i had to google them.

    Not. Even. Close.

    (sigh) Looks like another series I'm going to have to skip in film form.

  10. they were, and hunter parrish certainly has the look. perhaps i'm giving the film's decision makers too much credit here, but maybe josh hutcherson has better chemistry with jennifer lawrence? maybe he's a better actor? i don't know. all i know is that he looks like a hobbit and i did not imagine peeta to look that way...
  11. Exactly. The books carefully describe Peeta and his large, muscular build. How do you pick an actor that is listed as 5'7? And I'm guessing the kid is a Tom Cruise 5'7, if ya know what I mean.
    Hopefully, he bulks up for the movie and they do a lot to make him look tall.
  12. I always pictured Peeta as being slightly overweight (round-ish) since his family had a bakery. Josh Hutcherson doesn't look right to me at all (too scrawny), nor does he have blonde hair!
  13. Hehehe, he does look like a hobbit. Isn't Peeta supposed to be cute? I pictured a very cute guy as Peeta.
  14. Just finished the first book (going to have to borrow 2 & 3 from the library this weekend!) but I too am disappointed in the choice of Peeta being played by Hutcherson. I pictured him looking more like Hemsworth, and I thought Gale would be very thin, tall, lanky person, and not nearly as good looking as Hemsworth is. I am hoping/assuming that Katniss ends up with Peeta, so why would they hire someone that looks so...average?