anyone read Seventeen Mag?

  1. I was on their website and they have this poll where you can vote for which designer should make the next "17 Exclusive"(a product that 17 readers will have special access to.) The list in order is Juicy Couture, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, COACH!!, and Jill Stuart.

    and yes, I voted. :graucho:
  2. I do!!!! LOL even though I m 24
  3. I just voted (for Coach of course!) and it looks like Coach is way ahead of all the other designers!
  4. Haha I readt it too and i'm 24! i just voted!
  5. Coach has almost twice as many votes as the next closest designer. Yah!
  6. i just voted too, you'll have to keep us posted if coach actually wins and what they decide to make!
  7. lol i loved how you emphasized the Coach =]
  8. i just voted five times i want coach to kick butt!