Anyone read Patricia Cornwell books?

  1. She is my fav author, but I have read everything she has written!!

    I am looking for suggestions on other authors who are comprable to her...any ideas? TIA!:nuts:
  2. Ive read her books.....I read alot of authors.Dean Koontz,Nora Roberts,I have to look in my library to see who else.I read
  3. I read a lot too - have you tried Elizabeth George? I liked the early Cornwells..not so much the later ones as it felt like she was churning them out. I also like Michael Connolly and Ian Rankin for murder mystery novels.
  4. I, too, enjoyed Cornwell's earlier books. The newer ones have not been as good, in my opinion. I couldn't even finish the latest one.

    I also enjoy Michael Connelly, James Patterson, Nora Roberts-especially her In Death series writing as JD Robb, Sue Grafton, and Jonathan Kellerman. I know there are others, but I cannot seem to think of anymore off the top of my head!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions!!

    I TOTALLY agree that her newer stuff is not up to par with her older stuff--whats up with that?!?!?
  6. The newer stuff is getting darker and more depressing.
    Kay Scarpetta seems like she needs some Paxil or a Xanax or something!

    I have to agree with the others on Michael Connelly. I really enjoy his books, especially The Poet, Trunk Music and Void Moon.

    Another author I really like who doesn't get much attention is Carol O'Connell. It's a series with recurring characters and the main character is very unusual.
  7. I like Faye Kellerman also. Actually better than Jonathan Kellerman. Jonathan Kellerman tends to lapse into italics and exclamation marks when he wants people to get excited. Faye writes a steadier story.
  8. I have all the Kellerman books too..Good reads.
  9. OK I have a Michael Connelly story..About 4 years ago I was in a bookstore in Santa Monica, Calif. I yelled at the clerk "are there any new Michael Connelly books out"? To which he replied: "why don't you ask him"? ..and pointed to a man standing reading the newspaper, indeed it was Mr. Connelly himself. He was very nice and signed his newest book for me.
  10. Michael Connelly, Elizabeth George, and Faye Kellerman are all very good suggestions! Also, Ruth Rendell's "Inspector Wexford" series is good.

  11. OMG how cool!!!!!!! :nuts:
  12. I'd highly recommend Robert Goddard - in particular a book called 'In Pale Battalions' it is a fabulous read - the tale (or tail!) has a real twist and it is un-put-downable..

    One of my all time fave reads... and if you like Patrica - you will love Robert!
  13. Karin Slaughter.
    Stephen White.
    John Conolley.
    James Lee Burke.
  14. Thanks everyone!! Keep the suggestions coming! :smile: