Anyone re: cartier roadster - ever see...

  1. or personally get a leather/croc strap in order to get a different look from the bracelet? Does it look funny? I was thinking it would resemble a tonneau with the croc leather strap. What colors would you recommend? What about with the pink face. Any style experts can rec a strap color that would look good with that color face? Not too funky - I'm not 20 something.

    Or should I just stay with the bracelet?
  2. just stay with the bracelet it keeps it classic looking
  3. I actually prefer a leather strap. It makes it look less fussy, more organic, kwim? The metal bracelet catches too much light and calls more attention to itself than a leather strap. I actually own a couple of Cartier watches, both with leather straps and always on the lookout for more.
  4. like the bracelet, more classic
  5. My mom has the roadster and wears it with the metal strap most of the time. She recently bought a dark brown croc strap and sometimes wears that, too. Both look nice.
  6. I love my roadster with the steel bracelet...:tup: Its classic with a twist.
  7. bracelet first ... then you can get a strap later on - to do the reverse is quite costly
  8. Doesn't it come with both? My Roadster came with a black leather strap as well as as the steel bracelet. It's a snap to change with the "quick-release" mechanism.