Anyone put feet on their B bag?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone had gone to the trouble of having a leather shop (or whoever) put feet on the bottom of their bag? This came to mind from the post about someone who is seeing wear on the corners from a bag they bought recently. Peggy
  2. mmmm, I wouldn't rule it out 100%, but in order for the feet to be acceptable, they'd have to be exactly the same as the studs on the bag, which probably are designed by Balenciaga and won't be easy to find on the market.
  3. I never even thought of that. I would be interested in seeing pics of one that someone got done and how much it costs.
  4. I agree but good idea though.
  5. i agree with this. also, balenciagas are so slouchy that they just plop down anyway, so i don't know if the feet will even help much... i don't think b-bags are structured enough to sit on the feet without the corners touching the floor anyway...
  6. That's what i think too... my work has feet and sometimes she still falls over when she is not fully stuffed
  7. I think I like mine "footless" ;)
  8. ^^ i'd never mess w/my footless b-bags :girlsigh:
  9. My Work has feet, and while I've not used it, yet, I think the feet are rather pointless, really. I mean, Bbags slouch, so feet or no feet, the leather bottom will still hit the surface on which it sits.

    Save your money for another Bbag, instead of embellishing what you have.

    Just my $.02 worth...:smile:
  10. ermmm...I wouldn't...
  11. I just read the thread topic, and read it in the sense "Anyone put their feet on their b-bag?"

    I think I'm in Silly Land today...

    I wouldnt go to the effort, or risk for that matter, of attaching feet on my b-bag.

    Like others have said, they still slouch, so the feet are kinda pointless anyway...
  12. Part time GH has gold feet, it's cute:smile:
  13. I wouldn't dream of putting anything like that on my "footless" bbags. :sweatdrop:
  14. LOL, me too! I was wondering why on earth somebody would buy a bbag for the use of putting their dirty feet on it.. but then again, there are designer shoes...
  15. I did that too! :lol: