Anyone purchased B-Bags from Japanese Online Sites?

  1. [​IMG]

    Here's the Loree Rodkin piece I would LOVE :love: to order!
  2. I don't think there's a way to order in English unless you know someone who lives in Japan that can do it for you.
    I really want to buy this from the Japanese auction site too but they only ship to Japan!

    It's a SEAFOAM Classique! The first I've seen!
  3. I know there are a few sites that help you purchase from Yahoo auctions Japan but I don't know about "rakuten" and the others. It would be great if we could though!!
  4. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, CeeJay, but what is this color [​IMG][​IMG]???

    The tag says Y, but it seems too light for emerald, unless its the lighting.... I LOVE it!
  5. oh, never mind, it says olive :biggrin:
    I guess it's pre-spring origan
  6. ceejay and others, these 2 sites are legit. i contributed to the list of legit stores in japan in the tfs balenciaga forum. i live in japan and more than willing to help you guys out if i can.
  7. sorry, i should have made it clearer-if the item you want is from a store, i can help; if it's to be bidded on- that's a little difficult because in japan auction, there's no return and no exchange in case you change your mind.
  8. Oh Bijin ... that would be fantastic!!! I have been looking at these sites for so long (especially the one that has the Loree Rodkin jewelry; Aloha Rag used to carry it, but now they only carry a few pieces).

    I'll get back to you ...

  9. ceejay, i just posted my bags on the who has Work thread. i know you love the apple green but not ready to give it up yet. it's such a beautiful green!!!!!mine is still mint. got it in sept. but our weather here has been crazy. didn't want to take it out in the rain or snow plus it's a summer color so it hasn't seen the light of day much!!!!!
  10. The tag says Z so it's fall/winter 05, and it doesnt look white (bbag whites are supposed to be stark white, right? and the site does say "cream", not white) so it must be calcaire ;)
  11. Can you say me the price in $?
    the website
    doesn't work now... ( website renovation)
    They buy the bag for you and then ship it everywhere?