anyone purchase shoes from website 6pm?

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  1. Hello all,
    Just curious if anyone has purchased shoes from - they seen to have good deals, but I am hesitant to buy from a place I am not familiar whith...
  2. Yes, I've purchased twice and they've been great. I believe they are a offshoot.
  3. Hi mlmurray13,

    I've ordered from 6pm a few times and they are totally legit with decently quick shipping too! I caught their RSVP shoes sale where all their shoes were $9.95 and it was awesome because I found the exact same pair on Zappos and it was nearly 3x the price!
  4. ^^ I also got a couple pairs of RSVPs on 6pm for $9.95. Sometimes they have really good deals but it feels like the retail prices are too high. For example the RSVP shoes i got were definitely not worth over $80. If it hadn't been on sale, I wouldn't have bought them. I heard that when Zappos wants to get rid of their stock, they post it on 6pm, which is sort of their outlet.
  5. I have. I've ordered a pair of Puma running shoes (when they were having their $30 a pair sale) and the delivery was very quick! Shoes were in pristine condition.
  6. They used to carry more Giuseppe Zanotti and their retail price was exactly the same as the store. For the full price, I'd rather go to the store to get them. But I don't think they exaggerated their prices for the Zanotti brand - it definitely seems like they do for other brands...
  7. I have ordered from before and had no problems at all. They are owned by Zappos (as others have mentioned) so they are absolutely a reputable company. They have some amazing prices on there!!
  8. Ordered from them, no issues!
  9. i got some enzo from them i like 6pm
  10. I've ordered from them with no problems. I have a 16-year old sister that loves shoes as much as her older sister and I can always find shoes, boots, anything there for her for a great price!

    My favorites for her are currently: Roxy, Ed Hardy and I even bought her a pair of Hunter Wellingtons (which I then had to buy for myself!)
  11. I've returned twice to them with 0 hassle. They are very prompt in replies which I appreciate!