Anyone purchase preloved from elady?

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  1. I am considering a preloved bag from elady. They also have a strong reputation on eBay (seller elady01), but prices are 10% less if you shop directly from the website (probably to avoid paying the ebay seller fees).

    Has anyone purchased from this seller? I appreciate any info you can share. I called PayPal and thankfully they offer the same buyer protection buying directly from the website as I would get if I bought the auction item via eBay. :smile:
  2. Yes I have purchased a few items from them in the past and they are excellent! I remember I had to return an item one time (nothing wrong with it, I returned only because my family got a a gift similar to the one I purchased from them) and thanks to their 14 days no questions ask return policy I was able to get my refund promptly too. Highly recommended base on my experience with them :smile:
  3. I bought a keepall last month, great service, arrived packaged well and keepall was better than described. I would certainly buy from them again.
  4. I've purchased 2 preloved items from them so far (thru ebay), they are a great seller!
  5. Can anyone post a direct link to elady's ebay shop?
  6. It's
  7. eBay search for seller:elady01
  8. Just to be safe I would still request an authentication of the item before purchase.

    I have noticed some of her Chanel items have a few flaws that worried me that I even contacted her about. Inconsistent stitching, quality etc.

    Better to be safe and get someone else to check it if you're not 100% sure. Even good reputable sellers can sometimes have a good fake slip through accidentally.

    Good luck, hope it's an awesome item :smile:
  9. Yes, several times and they've been beautiful items. They arrived quickly and packaged very well.
  10. I've purchased a few small things. And I have heard good things about them. Plus you can still get it authenticated here since it is on a website.
  11. does anyone see pictures on that homepage? i can see the names but no pictures :sad:
  12. I recently purchased an item from elady and it was in better condition than described - it was in excellent condition and I would definitely purchase from them again:smile:
  13. I am having the same issue.
  14. Thank you everyone!! Your positive feedback helped me decide on purchasing my very first LV Eva Clutch! I got her authenticated yesterday on the forum and received two thumbs up, so I went for it. Can't wait to share her with you, thank you so much again! I love this forum!!
  15. Congrats! :smile: Glad you got it checked. I hope you're very happy with it.